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  • This rising star first made her acting debut on "Degrassi: The Next Geneartion" as Manny Santos. She has since rocketed her singing career.

    I absolutely loove this actress and I just loove the fact that she has many things going for her than just acting. I'm not a big fan of rock but she has a very promising career in singing. But anyway she has always been my favorite character in the series "Degarssi: The Next Generation". I just loove how she portrays her character. She has skill, passion, talent, and courage. I mean she is the ultimate actress. Some can only act, but she can sing, act, and is a gymnast. The chemistry she has with her co-stars is incomparable. She acts with such conviction and passion that there is no other like her. She inspires me to achieve my goals and dreams. She is a role model to me and many others. She is truly one of a kind.