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Cassie Steele


Cassie Steele Fan Reviews (30)

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  • Cassie Steele is one of the most talented actresses staring in Degrassi: The Next Generation

    I think Cassie is a very talented girl. And um I aslo think that she is very much gorgeous and her singing a very beautiful. She is one of the most talented actresses i have ever seen and I very much think that she shouldnt just be in Canada but also in LA, because if she was in LA i know for sure that she would be one of the most well earned talent in Hollywood. But for know she is the \"Lindsey Lohan of Canada\". A natural tripple-threat. Talented Actress. Beautiful Singer. Outragous Gymnist / Dancer.I love her and hope to be as talented as her in two or three years when I\'m about her age.