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  • She's definitely grown up, a lot.

    I first saw Cassie on Degrassi, and instantly fell in love with her. Her acting skills are amazing, and I feel like she's definitely come a long way. When she was featured on Degrassi Unscripted, you could see that she is just a regular girl who happens to be part of a very popular show.
    Indeed, she'll always be known as the Degrassi star, but I hope that when her Degrassi days are over, she'll be able to act in various other shows, and movies too. Aside from acting, she's also a very good song-writer and singer. A lot of people have commented in the past about her vocals being a bit off, most of the time but I find Cassie's voice to be rather soothing. Her lyrics are metaphorical but the honesty in her music tells that she's definitely wise beyond her years.
    I really hope that in the future she receives bigger and better roles.