Cat Cora

Cat Cora


1/1/1968, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Birth Name

Catherine Cora



Also Known As

Catherine 'Cat' Cora
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Cat Cora is best known for her status of "Iron Chef." She was the first ever female "Iron Chef." Cora was raised in a Greek community in Jackson, Mississippi. Her grandfather and father were both restaurateurs. Cat was inspired by Julia Child, Barbara Tropp, M. F. K. Fisher…more


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  • The best of the Iron Chefs

    Let me start off by saying that I was happy to see that Iron Chef America decided to add a female to it's cast and Cat Cora was the perfect choice. Cat Cora is by far the best of the Iron Chef's on Iron Chef America. This is someone who really should have her own cooking sown on Food TV as she is true professional and makes things which look appealing to just about everyone. The first time I saw Cat on Iron Chef, it was the battle of Hamburger and I was quite impressed with what she was able to create and unlike the Iron Chef's, her dishes were simple and something that an everyday novice such as myself could actually make.moreless