Cat Cora





1/1/1968 , Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Birth Name

Catherine Cora




Cat Cora is best known for her status of "Iron Chef." She was the first ever female "Iron Chef."

Cora was raised in a Greek community in Jackson, Mississippi. Her grandfather and father were both restaurateurs. Cat was inspired by Julia Child, Barbara Tropp, M. F. K. Fisher and her grandmother Alma. Her cuisine is a blend of her Greek and Southern roots like her favorite dish Kota Kapama (Greek cinnamon chicken), and slow-cooked lamb shanks with feta salsa verde.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Biology, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Cora has also appeared on Simplify Your Life. She was also a cohost of the Food Network show Kitchen Accomplished. She has also coined the term Hellasian, referring to a fusion cuisine combining Greek and Asian cooking. She is the only female Iron Chef in its franchise history (including the Japanese version of Iron Chef).

In 2006, she was hired as a paid spokesperson for In-Sink-Erator Evolution Series Food Waste Disposals. In partnership with 3 Street Media, she is developing The Cat Cora Show, a talk show devoted to food and wine which she will produce and host. She is also Executive Chef for Bon Appétit magazine and a UNICEF spokesperson.