Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley


10/23/1976, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham (UK)

Birth Name

Catherine Elizabeth Deeley



Also Known As

Catherine Kielty, Catherine Huston, Cat Deely, Catherine Whelan
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Born in Sutton Coldfield on 23rd October, 1976, Cat Deeley was to become one of the most professional presenters on television. She was spotted by a modeling agency while filming a BBC show at 14 but refused any contracts until she had gained her 9 GCSEs, which were…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In early June 2010, it was announced that Cat and her husband, Jack Huston, had separated. The separation was blamed on Huston's desire to concentrate on his acting career.

    • She has her own line of vintage-inspired jewelry.

    • In 2009, she appeared alongside Gary Lineker in a British TV advert for Walker's Crisps that spoofed the 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

    • She was one of the award presenters at the 2009 Emmy Awards ceremony.

    • Although she continues to be known as Cat Deeley for professional purposes, she actually uses her married name of Catherine Huston for private purposes, and that's now the name on all her official documents such as her passport and driving license.

    • In August 2008, Cat gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Emma Louise Huston.

    • She has three piercings in each ear.

    • Although she's married, she doesn't usually wear a wedding ring.

    • In 2008, she visited Manila in the Philippines in her role as a UNICEF ambassador to support the charity's Soccer Aid 2 project.

    • She is friends with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson. She has often worn his designs to formal events, and also wears his more casual designs in her everyday life.

    • In addition to living in a house that used to belong to her, Cat has another direct link with Marilyn Monroe - Both have been sawed in half in the very same "Buzz Saw" illusion. When it was new, Orson Welles used it to saw Marilyn in half, while David Copperfield, who presently owns the now-antique illusion, used it to saw Cat in half at a 2007 UNICEF benefit show in Los Angeles. In this illusion, a large 36-inch diameter circular saw was used to cut Cat in half, passing right through her bared waist without any boxes covering her.

    • In 2001, she married marketing executive Mark Whelan. The marriage ended in divorce in February 2006. In October 2007, she married actor Jack Huston.

    • As a young girl, Cat played the clarinet in the Sandwell Youth Music program, eventually playing in the Sandwell Youth Orchestra and Concert Band.

    • Cat invites past competitors of So You Think You Can Dance to her home for 4th of July celebrations.

    • Cat has one younger brother, Max, who married an Australian, and now lives there.

    • Cat's favoured pastime in Hollywood is to go riding in the hills on her horse, Romeo.

    • While presenting SM:TV, she often found herself acting as the assistant to various visiting magicians, taking part in a number of different illusions, the most common of which was for her to be sawed in half. In the most memorable performance of the illusion, after Cat had been sawed in half, her halves were "stolen" by Ant and Dec and wheeled off-stage in opposite directions. In another performance, she became the first British celebrity to be sawed in half in the "Clearly Impossible" sawing, which uses clear-sided boxes that allow a view inside at all times. Other illusions she took part in included being guillotined, impaled by spikes, levitated, crushed and made to vanish.

    • Cat is 5'9" tall.

    • Cat's favourite music types are Rock and Pop.

    • Cat's favourite Ice-Cream is Ben and Jerry's.

    • Deeley interviewed Kylie Minogue for a television special which aired in the United Kingdom on Sky One on 16 July 2006 and in Australia on Channel Nine on 17 July 2006.

    • Deeley moved to Los Angeles in May 2006, as she stated on a late night TV interview with Craig Ferguson.

    • In 2003 she became a patron of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    • Cat says she hates stick thin celebrities and thinks they are bad role models.

    • Cat Deeley once commented that the television personality she found most annoying was Vanessa Feltz, because she was heard talking about her private life too often.

    • While on SM:TV, Cat had her own comedy sketch called 'Cat the Dog' in which she played a girl becoming a teenager.

    • Cat became the Spokeswoman for Garnier Hair Products in early 2006.

    • Before she was famous, Cat was a member of STORM Model Agency.

    • She won a 2001 BAFTA Childrens' Best Presenter Award for "SM:TV Live" (1998).

    • Cat has appeared on many magazine covers such as Celebrity Adult Spy, B, New Woman, Cosmo Girl and OK!

    • She was ranked 7th sexiest woman in FHM [2001] and came in at #12 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll, UK edition [June 2002].

    • She provided the voice of Loretta Geargrinder in the UK version of the 2005 animated movie, Robots.

    • It was rumoured that Cat and her co-presenter on SM:TV Live, Tess Daly, didn't exactly see eye to eye. They apparently used to fight backstage and tried to steal the show each week. Cat denied all of the rumours.

    • She is known for hosting most of her shows bare foot, saying that she feels more comfortable and at home presenting this way.

    • She is good friends with TV presenter, Edith Bowman, who won Celebrity Fame Academy and once presented with Cat on MTV.

    • Cat has hosted The Brit Awards (top UK music awards) in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

    • Cat hosted CD:UK for longer than anyone else. She started in 1998 and left in March 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Cat: Being a mum is all about being in the right place at the right time, but quite often families just sneak up on you when you least expect it. And that's how it was with Emma, because I wasn't planning on getting pregnant, it just sort of happened. And I'm so glad it did, because she's a wonderful baby and I really love being a mum!

    • Cat: (On the SM:TV incident when she'd been sawed in half and Ant and Dec had 'stolen' her halves) I really couldn't believe it when they did it. There I was, sawed in half and laying there in two pieces with solid steel blades going right through my waist, unable to move and nothing to do except wait to be put back together again. And then in they come and start wheeling my halves off in opposite directions. I was like 'hey, what are you guys doing?' At least they put me back together again afterwards - Although it was a while before I agreed to be sawed in half again.

    • Cat: (On being chosen as a UNICEF ambassador) It was incredibly flattering when they chose me. But, to be honest, the enormity of the situation completely freaked me out to begin with because I thought, 'This is so big, and I absolutely have to tell these stories in the right way! Can I handle it? Can I do that?'

    • Cat: (On her love for British fashion) The first thing I do when I get back is head to Topshop, Miss Selfridge, French Connection, Whistles and Reiss. I hoover it all up! But I love vintage in Los Angeles. It's so much cheaper than London. I bought a great green ruffle dress in Fairfax Market in Santa Monica, which I've worn to lots of events. It's great because you can wear vintage to an event and know nobody else will be wearing the same thing. Every girl should have one vintage treasure in her wardrobe.

    • Cat: When I watch shows in America, I feel that some of the hosts are a little 'Stepford' – in the nicest possible way. It feels as if they're more worried if the light is in the right place and they're standing right than they are about communicating with an audience. The fundamental part of my job is to communicate with an audience in a very real way. I think I'm maybe a bit 'realer' than typical American hosts.

    • Cat: (On getting back into shape after the birth of her first child) I try to do yoga three times a week and eat healthily - although nothing is off limits and I drink lots of water.

    • Cat: (On being sawed in half by David Copperfield using his antique "Buzz Saw" illusion) Even though I'd been sawed in half lots of times before, it was still quite scary, because the saw blade was huge and all too real. And, with no box over me, I was able to look down and see the saw going right through my bare waist and into the wood underneath me - I could even see my skin rippling as the saw cut through it. But it didn't really hurt, just tickled a bit, and it was quite an honour to have the chance to do it, as David doesn't usually use it in his shows and just saves it for special occasions.

    • Cat: I started off doing live TV, so I kind of learnt that if I get myself into trouble, I get myself out of it. So it's not scary. I remember once I was interviewing Slash from Guns & Roses on children's TV. Put it this way, it was first thing on a Saturday morning and he hadn't been home yet. He talked very frankly about a sexual act that took place between him and a groupie. On children's TV. First thing on a Saturday morning. So, that was quite difficult, but apart from that it's all been daisies and walks in the park.

    • Cat: I hate birthday parties. I hate them. I don't know what it is, anybody's only got to come wafting near me with a piece of cake with a candle on and I break out in hives. But you know what, it's really not the 30 thing, it's just I hate birthdays. However, I open the cards and I open envelope after envelope and it's like-Bam!-30!-Bam!-30! They're written it on every single card! I hadn't got a complex, but now I bloody have.

    • Cat: I am addicted to Vogue magazines, be they French, British - I adore, adore, adore! Oh my god, the clothes, I'd die for. And I'm very lucky that I know quite a few designers from back in England, so I get lent lots of beautiful, beautiful things for the show. I'm a very lucky girl.

    • Cat: (On living in Beverly Hills) Oh my god, I used to love [Beverly Hills, 90210] - love it! It used to be on every Saturday night. We'd finish our tea - which posh people call dinner - normally something like fish fingers, chips and peas, and then I would sit and watch Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, Brandon and Dylan! And now I've got the postcode it's so funny. Anyone I give my address to, I slightly laugh when I say '90210' because there's a little bit in the back of my head that's singing the theme tune. They think they've got a lunatic on the phone!

    • Cat: My hobby at the moment is my house. That's all I seem to be spending my time on. I'm up to my ears in painters and floor sanders and delivery guys. People take me places, I'll be like going out for dinner or whatever, and the conversation will just dry up and they'll be like, 'Are you listening to me?' And I'll be like, 'No, I'm just checking out that light fitting there, it's really amazing. Where did they get that from?'

    • Cat: The only time I sing is in the shower, and sometimes at a push I slaughter a Carly Simon number on karaoke. It's literally murder. Colombo appears in his dirty grey Mac and says 'Right, that's enough, young lady. Off that mike.'

    • Cat: Every now and again I like to let my hair down with my gay boys. That's my thing. I can't dance at all by myself. But if I go out with my boys it's great because they really bust a move, and I just flick my hair and do the odd booty-shake. They're all around me, doing the latest moves and I can't do anything!

    • Cat: You're talking to the clumsiest girl in the world. I still run into patio doors when they're closed. I did it the other day, I swear to god, I've got scabs all over my hands where I hit the window.

    • Cat: The only cooking I do is when you pierce the film three times and stick it in [the microwave] for three and a half minutes, leave it to stand for one minute and then take it out.

    • Cat: (On her last taping day of pop show CD:UK in England) I've had a great few years, met some really incredible people and been given some wonderful opportunities.

    • (on her relationship with contestants from So You Think You Can Dance)
      Cat Deeley: And, to be honest, because they've all been so great you can't help but get involved both emotionally and personally. It's the toughest thing for me on a Thursday when I have to send them home. It's horrible. I hate it.

    • (discussing her role in the audition process for So You Think You Can Dance)
      Cat Deeley: What I wanted to do, was right from the word go, if the dancers are lined up outside on the streets in New York and it's 5:00 in the morning and its snowing...then so am I. I wanted to make it an organic relationship, really. I didn't want them suddenly to come to the studio here and be like "hold on a second, who is this English bird who has suddenly turned up?"

    • (on wearing high heels on stage)
      Cat: I am actually the clumsiest person in the world - every time I walk on stage I hold my breath. One pair of shoes I wore on the show were so uncomfortable my toes actually went numb for about 20 minutes.

    • (on losing her anonymity in Hollywood)
      Cat: I can't go to flea markets in my pyjamas any more!

    • Cat: Your career's a marathon, not a sprint.

    • Cat: I love the way Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, and Jade Jagger always look beautiful and stylish yet different.

    • Cat: A smart young lady would keep her options open. We don't like to put all our eggs in one basket.

    • Cat: (On dancing) I can't dance! My flailing limbs could take out at least four people. The only time I look good dancing is next to my dad at a wedding.

    • Cat: (Her passion for fashion) French Vogue is my bible. I like beautifully designed and made things. I can borrow things, so my addiction doesn't cause me bankruptcy.

  • She's brilliant!!

    I think Cat Deeley is such a great TV presenter!! She's fun, confident, cool and has great fashion choices. I love her on, So You Think You Can Dance?' It's a great show!! Whenever I'm watchingit she makes it better. I also luv her ad for Ganier Hair products. Her hair is such a nice shade of blonde, no wonder she's is doing those ad's.
  • Cat Deeley was far better than Ant and Dec on SM:TV and now she has loads of solo presenting deals!!

    Cat Deeley was far better than Ant and Dec on SM:TV and now she has loads of solo presenting deals!! I've always liked her and thought that she had a great fashion sense. She was great presenting Stars in Their Eyes!! I'm so glad she singed on for antoher season. She's currentley trying to make it in America and I wish her the best of luck!!