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Catherine Boniface


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Catherine Boniface


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Catherine fell into acting by accident. She needed to fill a credit in the Bachelor of Social Science degree she was studying to earn at the Waikato Universtiy, and figured that the class "Practical Drama I" was an easy pass and enrolled. She found the course incredibly fun…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Catherine took a class on American Accent & Audition Technique with Terri de'Ath.

    • Catherine thought about combining her degree in Social Science with her love of acting to create programs using drama as a form of therapy for adolescents with behavioural problems. She notes that techniques such as role playing can be used in problem solving, particularly within relationships.

    • Catherine is infamous with Xena fans, because her character Meridian was the first person that Gabrielle killed, thereby losing her "blood innocence". But Catherine argues that Meridian wasn't all evil- she was misguided, but she thought she was helping her people by sacrificing herself to be killed by Gabrielle. Catherine compares Meridian to real people who have been brain-washed by a cult, and even read some books on cults to get insight into the role, but found the books she read too sensationalized to be very helpful.

    • After graduating from drama school, Catherine worked in Singapore for two months performing Shakespeare for the local school children.

    • In 1999, Catherine directed the opening performance of the Silo Theatre's New Works Festival, Toa Fraser's No. 2, to rave reviews. Madeline Sami, who played the leading role, won the prestigious Chapman Tripp Award for the production.

    • Catherine's dream job would be to become a part of a small ongoing theatre company that put on a mixture of original and already written plays, as well as doing corporate gigs, theatresports, children's theatre, workshops and training classes.

    • Catherine enjoys aerobics, swimming, water skiing, ice skating, and rollerblading/skating.

    • Catherine sings alto and is a trained ballet and jazz dancer.

    • Catherine's theatre credits include:
      (2011) As You Like It "Rosalind", Shoreside Theatre, dir. Carol Dumbleton
      (2011) Preconception "Lead", Short and Sweet Festival, dir. Phil Brooks
      (1997) Hamlet "Ophelia" Auckland School Tour
      (1996) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Helena" Queenstown Summer Shakespeare
      (1995) As You Like It "Rosalind" Queenstown Summer Shakespeare
      (1995) Winnie "Female Transport" PAS
      (1995) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Hermia" PAS
      (1995) As You Like It "Celia" Theatre Workshop
      (1994) Arabian Nights Dream Various roles, PAS
      (1993) A Christmas Carol Various roles
      (1993) Dangerous Liaisons "Madame de Tourvel" Riverlea Theatre
      (1993) Tartuffe "Marianne"
      (1992) Twelfth Night "Cesario/Viola"

    • Catherine is 5'7", with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    • Catherine is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine: Movies are a particular passion- particularly foreign films, or anything that is slightly offbeat. I find there can be more soul in one small low-budget short film made by students in Timbuktu, than in some multi-million dollar budget blow out film star cramped motion pictures. Having said that I also love nothing better than to watch these multi-million dollar budget blow out film star pictures on a rainy day with a large packet of M&Ms and a coke!

    • Catherine: NZ is an amazing place to live and I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather raise a family. But since that is a wee way off, I have made plans to head off to work in England sometime next year. I'm afraid the States is not on my agenda. I don't really fit the Hollywood gal-type . If ever I am tempted it would probably be New York- I've heard it's rich in theatre and arts.

    • Catherine: Instinct is a handy skill for an actor, but a tricky one to trust. Acting is story-telling, and story-telling has been a part of our culture since the beginning of time, so acting is part work, part instinct I guess.

    • Catherine: (on appearing in the "Xena" episode "A Comedy of Eros") The most difficult thing was keeping the costumes on. The costumes, although beautiful, were concocted of what felt like tissue paper! I was more fully clothed than the other girls, but there was the obligatory tucking and rearranging of certain body parts to ensure the episode didn't turn x-rated!

    • Catherine: So really, I was quite old, about 19 when I discovered that acting was not only a viable career option for myself but something that gave me enormous pleasure.