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Catherine Hicks

Catherine Hicks


8/6/1951, Scottsdale, Arizona

Birth Name

Catherine Bethany Hicks



Also Known As

Cathy Hicks, Cathy Bethany Hicks
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Catherine Bethany Hicks double majored in Theology and English Literature at Notre Dame University and attended Cornell University where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, she now lives in Bel-Air. with her husband (Kevin Yagher, special effects artist)…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Catherine has said that she originally did not want to play a TV mom, but the 7th Heaven script grabbed her interest. She has also said that the character of Annie was too funny to pass up.

    • Catherine credits Season 3's In Praise of Women (where Annie gave birth to twins) as her favorite episode of 7th Heaven, going on to say that she never saw a filmed birthing scene that looked authentic, so doing it right was important to her. A lot of women wrote in to tell her how accurate her portrayal was, which she regards as one of the best compliments she's ever received.

    • Catherine Hicks was once married to her on-set husband (7th Heaven), Stephen Collins.

    • Catherine Hicks was in the TV version of Bad News Bears.

    • She and her 7th Heaven co-star, Stephen Collins, both appeared in Star Trek movies.

    • She starred in the very first Problem Child movie.

    • Catherine has her own website, www.CatherineHicksonline.com.

    • Has two things in common with her 7th Heaven co-star Beverley Mictchell: each is an only child; and both are former high school cheerleaders.

    • Her nickname is Cathy.

    • Catherine attended Gerard High School in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated in 1969.

    • Catherine's height is: 5' 3'' (1.60 meters).

    • She was a presenter with Stephen Collins at the Family Television Awards Show.

    • Catherine is eleven years older than her husband who was born 1962. They were married in 1990.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine Hicks: (when "7th Heaven" was starting its 11th season) The show is like a public service at this point. It gives a lot of people something at a time when the world is falling apart.

    • Catherine Hicks: (about the success of "7th Heaven") I think it came at a time when my generation, as parents, didn't know what we were doing. We read a lot of books, but we don't want to be as strict as our parents were, so as a result we're very lenient. I think Eric and Annie are role models. I think that the parents look to us; the kids look to the show. Everyone can see themselves represented in one or another character.

    • Catherine Hicks: (about her "7th Heaven" character) In real life I have one little girl, and I can barely do that right. I don't know how Annie does it right for each child, and I admire that she's not selfish. There's no time to get a manicure or pedicure, or get her massages or facials. She's there for the kids, and yet she's funny. She has a sense of humor. She's not just a hausfrau.

  • I love 7th Heaven especially the role Catherine Hicks plays. She potrays the part of a loving wife and mother to perfection. She is warm and caring and is always there to listen to her children whenever they need to talk.moreless

    I love 7th Heaven especially the role of Annie Camden. Catherine Hicks plays the part of a loving wife and mother to perfection. She is warm and very caring always ready to listen to her children when they need to talk. Sometimes all they need is a hug and she does this with such compassion and love. She has the natural abillity to make them feel that they are very worthwhile and important human beings always encouraging them to be the very best they can be. I feel that the producers of this fantastic show could not of picked a better person than Catherine to play this role. Well done!moreless
  • She is simply great, especially in 7th Heaven.

    I know Catherine Hicks from 7th Heaven the best. In 7th Heaven, she was just absolutely amazing. She has such talent, and I personally dont think that anyone in the world could have played Annie Camden better on 7th Heaven than her. Catherine Hicks has such talent and I think that she did a great job on her character, Annie, in 7th Heaven. I love watching 7th Heaven and I just love the parts when Sam and David, played by Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino, were little because of how Annie and Eric, played by Stephen Collins, approached dealing with them and how sneaky they were, i thought it was so cute. Catherine just has amazing talent and I have plans of seeing movies or tv shows she is in because I just think she has great talent.moreless