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Catherine McClements was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1965. She graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1985. Best known for her role as Rachel Goldstein in Water Rats, most recently, Catherine has been in the Channel Ten police drama Rush, playing Kerry Vincent, and…more


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  • Trivia

    • Catherine was involved with the original production of the classic Australian movie Strictly Ballroom, which started out as a play when she was at NIDA in 1984. Her role was Barbara Pierce, wife of Ross Pierce (played by Baz Luhrmann).

    • Catherine has starred/guest starred in three of John Edwards' television productions. She had a guest role on The Secret Life of Us in 2001, and she plays main characters in current shows - police drama Rush and Foxtel drama Tangle.

    • Catherine has two sisters, Susan and Georgina, the latter is a producer and has credits in Real Stories (2006) and Summer Heights High (2007). Her brother Brendan is the Chief Executive Officer of Victorian Major Events.

    • Catherine is a avid fan of Australian Rules Football, and follows the Victorian team, Carlton.

    • Catherine won her first award in 1990. It was an AFI (Australian Film Institute) award for 'Best actress in a lead role' for the movie Weekend with Kate.

    • Catherine has starred in over 20 theatre productions, including; Angels in America (1994), The Blind Giant is Dancing (1995), Suddenly Last Summer (2000), Macbeth (2003), Cruel and Tender (2005), It Just Stopped (2006), Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?(2007), and Appetite (2008).

    • Catherine dated Australian director Baz Luhrmann, one of the people she graduated from NIDA with.

    • Catherine was stalked for 18 months during part of the time she was on Water Rats. The woman was obsessed with Catherine's Water Rats character, Rachel Goldstein.

    • Catherine graduated from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) in 1985, after starting there as a 17 year old in 1983.

    • Catherine and fellow Water Rats actor Colin Friels starred as a married couple in the 1990 movie, Weekend with Kate.

    • Catherine and her partner, Polish-born actor Jacek Koman had their first child, Clementine Coco, in July 2001. They had their second child, Quincy, in May 2007.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine: Sydney is a very hysterical city, so I find it very difficult to calm down here. You don't realise you're going mad until you get out of it.

    • Catherine: [about her house] There's junk everywhere and we've got half-painted rooms and creations we thought were a good idea at the time. Too many drunken nights with a paint brush.

    • Catherine: I've done a lot of theatre and I did some films when I was much younger ... dreadful films, you know about six of them, that no one really saw.

    • Catherine: [her speech after winning an AFI award] Oh this is really terrific! Thank you! I'd firstly like to thank Sam Johnson, who I did practically all my work with on the show and he's such a terrific and spontaneous actor, so he really helped me out. And thank you very much to John and Amanda, the producers of the show, who are really giving their all for this show. And someone else who was with me the whole time ... a little girl who was the reason I took the show, Clementine Coco. Thank you very much.

    • Catherine: [about audiences] I think on the opening night and the first few nights you're so scared, you just sort of don't want to even look at them... But as you get more relaxed you get a good look at them and how they're going. You know, oh that one's asleep, that one's yawning, better hurry up.

    • Catherine: [about auditioning for NIDA] My friend was really keen about the drama thing, but she chickened out at the last minute. I was there, so I went through with it. I got in! I had braces and plaits and looked about 12. I think they chose me because they saw potential. It had to be potential, because there wasn't much talent there.

  • Wonderful (and gorgeous) actress!

    I think Catherine McClements is one of the most underrated actors in Australia. Her work over the past ten years has been outstanding, and I don't think she has always got the credit she deserves.

    Catherine's movies haven't always been the best (and even she herself says this in interviews), but it's her TV and stage work that makes her such a great actor.

    Her TV credits include: Water Rats, Crashburn, Call Me Mum, Sexy Thing, Emerald Falls and she had a special guest appearance on The Secret Life of Us, while she was pregnant in 2001. Recently, she's been seen as a tough yet vulnerable Inspector in Rush, and she plays a psychologist in the Foxtel drama Tangle.

    In 2007, I was lucky enough to see Catherine playing Martha in the theatre production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and I thought her performance in that was very, very exceptional. Especially considering she was the new mum to son Quincy, who was only a couple of months old.

    But it was her work on Water Rats that made me a fan. Catherine was always believable and it came across in her character. I still get sad when watching her final episode/scene.moreless

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