Catherine Schwartz

Catherine Schwartz



Birth Name

Catherine Michelle Schwartz



Also Known As

Cat Bartkus, Catherine Michelle Bartkus, Hi Tech Mommy, Cat Schwartz, Catherine Michelle Schwartz
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Although most people recognize her from TechTV, she just may be responsible for something you may own in your home. Best known as a member of the TechTV show The Screen Savers and host of the call-in technology help show Call For Help, Cat made her way through…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Cat is part of the eBay Insider Blog which has her reviewing and writing articles about tech gadgets on eBay.

    • Married South Park editor Keef Bartkus on November 25, 2005.

    • Currently, Cat is working on creating a music video for the band Platinum Weird. Platinum Weird is made up of Kara DioGuardi (Songwriter for Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Clarkson) and former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart.

    • Cat's favorite "guilty pleasure" television series to watch is elimiDATE.

    • Cat was influential in getting now popular TechTV and now G4 personality Morgan Webb to join TechTV as an associate producer of Cat's show The Screen Savers.

    • Cat has a fondness for cats and dogs.

    • In 2004, Cat appeared as a technology expert on the Today Show for a four-part segment called "Gender Wars." "Gender Wars" recognized that the difference in the sexes also applies to technology gadgets, and the segments showed different tech gadgets that appealed to a specific gender.

    • Cat claims that she invented the Swiffer, a line of of Procter & Gamble cleaning products that uses electrostatic charge to pick up dust. She has said that she receives no royalties and signed away her rights to the product as part of Procter & Gamble's policy.

    • One of her favorite shows is South Park.

    • Hobbies: Riding horses, hunting for Easter eggs, going out with friends, dyeing her friend Morgan Webb's hair, and making guacamole.

    • Cat's best friend is Morgan Webb. They both met working at "Radio Riot Live" and have been good friends ever since.

    • While at TechTV, Cat was frequently the one involved with helping fellow TechTV personality Morgan Webb change her hair color.

    • She is currently a freelance producer for Comedy Central and SpikeTV.

    • She attended Convent of the Sacred Heart High School.

    • Since 2003, Cat has written a monthly column in Stuff Magazine called "Ask The Tech Chick" where she answers reader questions about technology. In 2005, one of Cat's former Co-Host on The Screen Savers, Chi-Lan Lieu, joined her at Stuff writing a monthy review on technology and gadgets trends.

    • Her Favorite place to work for was TechTV.

    • Is a San Francisco native.

    • Cat's favorite video game is Halo.

    • Height: 5'4"

    • Immediately after graduating college, Cat was hired as head content producer for radio start-up "Radio Riot Live".

    • Received a BA in Broadcast Communication and a BS in Sociology from San Francisco State University.

    • Founded Flair Management while she was still in college. Flair Management was a company that controlled the careers of local DJs and produced their records.

    • While in college, she had internships at ABC News, MTV, and TechTV.

    • For the music video "Strange New Element" by the band Low Water, Cat was asked to appear in it along with other TechTV personalities Sumi Das, Sarah Lang, Chi-Lan Lieu, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb

    • Cat participated in's "Geek Love - The Ladies of TechTV" poll. She was one of only five TechTV female personalities to participate. The others were Melanie Kim, Sarah Lane, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb.

    • In the great computer debate (Mac vs. Windows) Cat doesn't choose sides, she uses both Operating Systems.

    • Her nickname is "Cat".

    • Has an older brother named Matthew and a younger brother named Michael.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine Schwartz: I have the ability to teach hundreds of computer lovers how to improve their everyday lives through technology.

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  • Catherine Schwartz Rules!!!

    Catherine Schwartz was my favorite person on TechTV's Call For Help. She was smart and funny. She in my opinon should have hosted Call For Help or had her own show on TechTV. Sadly she was let go when they cancelled Call For Help because of the G4-TECHTV merging thing. I wish the best of luck to Catherine Schwartz. Maybe one day she can finally get herself her own tech show.moreless