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Seoul, South Korea

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Cathy Shim is an actress known for her various roles in such comedies as Reno 911, Mad TV, and Drake and Josh. In the movie Reno 911: Miami she plays the Spring Break Dream Girl and love interest of Junior. Cathy graduated from USC with a B.S. in…more


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    • Cathy plays Roxie, a lesbian roommate, in the online show 3 Way.

    • Cathy was a cover model on the December 2001 issue of KoreAm Journal, a nationwide magazine published in English that focuses on the culture, people, and related issues of Korean Americans. She shared the spotlight with MAD TV actor Bobby Lee and models Tia Kai and Lorabel Ray.

    • As an Island Eyes model, Cathy not only participated in their calendar shoots, but also hosted a Web radio show called Asian Model Talk.

    • Cathy has an official website. She also an email group that was heavily active in 2001-2004 with thousands of members.

    • Cathy attended magnet schools for elementary and secondary school, and graduated from Van Nuys Performing Arts.

    • After getting her degree in kinesiology, Cathy did do a little work in the medical field in diabetes research, radiology, and orthopedic surgery. She hopes to use her knowledge to help out animals and organizations.

    • Cathy is a member of a singing trio called UNITY, which she and her friends formed while she was at USC. The group was discovered by a Korean talent scout, and UNITY got to spend five months in Korea on a singing tour with Do Re Mi records.

    • Cathy has worked on movie production including being an Associate Producer and a co-star on the film The Gymnast, which has shown on 65 different festivals nationwide and garnered 20 awards, including a Grand Jury award at Outfest 2006.

    • In May-June 2007, Cathy worked on the theater production of The Best Man where she plays Misty, the lively young girlfriend of the main character Danny.

    • When Cathy was 7 years old, she got a full scholarship to the J.D. Colburn School of Performing Arts, located in Los Angeles.

    • Cathy has trained in many different martial arts and sports, but formally trained in Wushu starting in 2007. She hopes to apply her skills towards stunt acting and wire work.

    • In a March 2007 interview for Starry Constellation Magazine, Cathy said when she worked on the movie Balls of Fury with Christopher Walken, her start date coincided with the week she was getting married. She ended up having a Sunday night wedding and going to work the next morning, although she wasn't needed on the set until later that afternoon.

    • Cathy loves animals, and her friend once called her the "crazy cat lady" because she owns four cats. At one point she had five cats and a dog.

    • When Cathy enrolled at USC, she wanted to major in Piano Performance, but ended up doing some bio-related major to make her parents happy. After she graduated and moved out of her parents' home, she quickly took on acting classes.

    • Cathy is a big collector and fan of jigsaw puzzles, having collected and done over a hundred of them. One of her largest ones she has done was 5000 pieces.

    • Cathy had major roles in music videos including Eminem's "Just Lose It" in 2004, and Baby Bash's "Suga Suga".

    • In addition to acting, Cathy has been a model on several calendars, expos, and trade shows. Cathy was Miss April on four different calendar shoots.

    • Cathy's stats from her resume:
      Height: 5'4"
      Weight: 103
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Brown
      Measurements: 34C-24-34
      Dress size: 1
      Pants size: 1
      Shoe size: 6

    • Cathy's family moved to the US when she was three, and she grew up in Northridge, CA.

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