Catriona Rowntree

Catriona Rowntree


7/19/1971, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Catrina Rowntree


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Catriona studied journalism at Macleay College in Sydney, after working as a researcher with Business Review Weekly, 2GB and Prime Television. In 1991 she moved to FM radio as a newsreader and music & lifestyle program host, first in community radio and then with the ABC youth station…more


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    • Catriona The greatest challenge is that our schedules aren't set in concrete (on Getaway), so I don't even know what flight I'm on next week. I hope a husband and kids are in my future. I wouldn't put off having children because of my career.

    • Catriona: (On Necker Island, Caribbean) Sir Richard Branson's private island. It was extraordinary to meet one of my heroes and to understand what makes this genius tick. To top it off, it was one of the most exquisite islands I will ever visit.

    • Catriona: (On Deloraine, Tasmania) This was my first trip for Getaway. It marked the beginning of a near obsession to find out more about the Apple Isle. A week after it aired, my boss tore shreds off me for how bad I was.

    • Catriona: (On Luxor, Egypt) Specifically. The Temple of Karnak. You can feel the spirits; the history is well and truly alive. To step into King Tut's tomb and Queen Hatshepsut's temple is an almost out-of-body experience.

    • Catriona: (On XI'Anm China) Home of the terracotta warriors. What an extraordinary culture! To this day, this was a trip that hasn't been topped.

    • Catriona: (Her fantasy outfit) Something designed by Nelson Leong that squashes into a suitcase, never has to be washed or ironed and makes me look like a million dollars!

    • Catriona: (Describing Australian fashion) Wonderful, original, and suits our attitude and climate perfectly.

    • Catriona: (Her favourite shops) From one end of Oxford Street to the other.

    • Catriona: (Love or Loathe Shopping?) 'I hate it. it's so frustrating.

    • Catriona: (Her favourite clothing) Second-hand Levi's and, because I have difficulty finding shoes for my big feet, I love all my Donna-May Bollinger shoes.

    • Catriona: Comfortable clothing for work is necessary but for that one big event of the whole year - like the Logies - I love to go all out and dress in something amazing.'

    • Catriona: I used to be a sun junkie, but my baking days are over. Now my friends call me the Queen of Streak. I do the lot: exfoliate, moisturise, but still end up one big streak. But after two applications of this... no streaks. I'm onto a winner!

    • Catriona: If you had asked me six years ago did I ever think I would be working at Channel 9, I would never have thought it possible. It slowly appeared to me that if you're an OK person, if you work your bum off and you genuinely love what you are doing then, eventually, by the laws of averages, god things must come your way.

    • Catriona: (On not landing the Wonder World host position) They didn't want to know me. They thought I was too experienced, which was strange to me because I had no experience. I think they were looking for someone they could mould. I thought it was pretty unfair on the day, but you can see it all works out in the end.

    • Catriona: It sounds crazy, but I've got an absolute passion for the English language. Often when I'm in the middle of a long trip I'll pull out my dictionary and the crew will debate the meaning of a word - it's really fun. "My grandmother has always lived with us and every Sunday morning I would jump into bed with her and she'd read me stories. I feel like she's given me this wonderful gift. Now I just get so much pleasure from reading and learning. It's a wonderful way to pick yourself up.

    • Catriona: (On her career path) I suppose if you were to read it on paper and to watch form a far it would seem it was relatively fast, but for me it has been tortuously long. So many people slammed doors in my face and I can actually lay claim to the joy of getting paid to do what I really love.

    • Catriona: (On her music bag) Ever since I started on community radio, I've been collecting music - rare tunes that make you want to get up and get back down again, tunes that tug at your heart strings. To transport them from studio to studio and fro m party to party, I've kept them in this really dodgy old carry bag.

    • Catriona: (On reading) I'm a voracious reader - I've always got two or three books on the go at once," she adds, laughing. "I find I'm also a sucker for newsagencies. 1 can't spend much time in one without someone saying, 'Excuse me, this is not a library.' I sometimes think I should get myself a casual Saturday job at the local newsagent so I can read everything from Fortune to Vanity Fair.

    • Catriona: (On reading) I love wandering into a bookshop and losing myself among the books," says 27-year-old Catriona. "It costs nothing and it's pure enjoyment. For me it's everything, from constant education to immersing myself in somebody else's world. It's the best way to relax and unwind.

    • Catriona: (on her job) I love it. Not a day goes by where 1 don't appreciate my job.

    • Catriona: (on gardening) I find getting down and getting dirty in the garden quite relaxing. I've just planted a mass of sweet peas and black-spotted roses, and our Camellia japonica trees are flowering quite beautifully, thanks very much.

    • Catriona: (on her niece, Katie) If only you could meet this chubby baby, I'm sure you'd also fall in love with her. I have to stop myself from pinching her huge pink cheeks and 1 miss her terribly when I'm travelling. Don't worry, I'm not getting clucky.

    • Catriona: (asked what she does for a living) Hmmm. I suppose I get paid to talk on the telly.

    • Catriona: (what qualities she looks for in a partner) Like most girls, I look for three basic things: the body of Tarzan, the brain of Einstein, and a lad who'll kiss the ground I walk on. (I'd settle for just one of the above.)

    • Catriona: (on her best and worst qualities) Positivity, and some say that my nose blowing is so bad it's scary.

    • Catriona: (asked what the biggest misconception of her is): That Claudia Schiffer and I were separated at birth! (Just joking).

    • Catriona: (asked how she relieves stress) Jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet shuts me up pretty quickly.

    • Catriona: (describing a great night out) Dinner with friends who know exactly how to make you giggle and devouring a meal that's truly mouth watering. And finishing off with a great flick and/or dancing off into the night.

    • Catriona: (on computers): I began using computers when I was in school. I taught myself most of the skills. Later when I studied journalism, the course required that we get right up there with our computer knowledge. At the moment, computers are really just a tool to let me get my work done more efficiently. Channel Nine has recently given me a computer for home. I write all of my own scripts. I used to go down to Melbourne the day before a show and write them up there, but know I get to do everything from home.

    • Catriona: (on Kaikoura, New Zealand) This is a small town that really blew me away with its approach to tourism. Once a depressed industrial town, now it's the most extraordinary place, where you can see whales any time of the year. As a tourist, it was beautiful, but - as somebody committed to enhancing tourism - I love to see any town do well.

    • Catriona: (on cycling through Vietnam) I'd always wanted to do this trip, and I signed up for it on my holidays and raced back to the office raving. We did it for Getaway and it ended up being the most successful trip that (tour company) World Expeditions had ever done.

    • Catriona: (on Aitutaki, The Cook Islands) The lagoon there is quite possibly the most sublime stretch of water in the world. I absolutely raved about it, and it ended up being the most requested Getaway story I've ever put to air.

    • Catriona: (on her first safari in Kenya) They say that this is one of life's to-dos… I couldn't agree more. I had tingles from the moment I set off at the airport. You feel like it's a movie set, but the truth is, it's real life.

    • Catriona: (on The Kimberleys, Western Australia) This place gives me wanderlust. You can't believe you're in your own country! If there's one place in Australia that I'd like to learn more about, it's definitely this region.

    • Catriona: (on Meteora Monasteries, Greece) I've always been obsessed with ancient history, so I was in my element here. If you're feeling like a day trip from the islands, I promise the monasteries will blow your mind.

    • Catriona: (asked how she wants to be remembered) I'd settle for just being remembered!

    • Catriona: (her most embarrassing time on air) A real doozy was when I accidentally left my microphone on and yelled out "Can someone please mind the panel - I'm busting to go to the dunny!"

    • Catriona: (her first paying job) Stuffing the stuffing up chickens bums at the local chicken shop. They eventually fired me because I was incapable of putting the chickens in those special oven bags without ripping them - it's bloody hard.

    • Catriona: (her all-time idol) My granny. You'd love her, she's cuddly, admirable, intelligent and generally just a cool nanny.

    • Catriona: (on her star sign) I'm Cancer, with Leo rising, but I have the Cancerian traits... worry too much, work too much, way too emotional and I love my home.

    • Catriona: (on what inspired her to get writing) I've always wanted to write a book, but I never knew what focus to take. Should I make it a book of travel trips? Wildest adventures? Most romantic places? Just to cut a long story short, Jamie Durie Publishing approached me and said, 'Right, give us 40 of your favourite Aussie locations'. I thought, 'I can do that in my sleep'

    • Catriona: (on her Mini) What can I say ... she's cute, she's hip, she's red, she answers to the name Purdey. She's HOT!