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  • Carolyn is beautiful, and her biography is outstanding. We even look a like, it was touching to see

    She truly plays her role to perfection. She is most believable. I turn the show on just because her role stands out to me. There are so many good actors but she really fits the bid. We also favor each other so watching her is almost like watching myself or my mom.. Every role that I have seen her play in, she was fully taking ownership. Tv would not be the same without seeing her face. I am so happy that she is chief..She plays a really tuff but reasonable role. It's quite a few that makes that show,.she's one
  • I could not imagine Justice League Unlimited without her!

    I have always enjoyed justice League and Justice League Unlimited, but that enjoyment was increase tenfold when i heard CCH Pounder's Amanda Waller. She is noe of the best voice actors in the entire series, without a doubt, and deserves an award. The charcter of Amanda Waller would be complex for any actor to voice, but Pounder gave Waller strength, courage, a biting wit, intelligence, command, power, and a personal touch. When i saw the season four series finale, i was amazed, because it was so incredible, which is partly due to Waller. Pounder makes the character believable and true. I am looking forward to seeing her in more animated and real people telelvison shows as well as movies.
  • CCH Pounder is in my opinion one of the most underrated talents in showbiz today and has become one of my most favorite talents to date.

    Whether it be a supporting role in the crime drama The Shield or a voiced character on The Justice League Unlimited, CCH Pounder stands out among one of the most recognizable voices. I have followed most of her career on television since see her for the first tiem on 227. Hopefully her recent Emmey nomination will develope into a win and thus creating more interest in her abilities from casting agents and place her in rolls that we will long remember. CCH Pounder is definately on the road to legendary status.