Cedric Yarbrough

Cedric Yarbrough


8/26/1971, Burnsville, Minnesota

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  • Cedric Yarbrough as Deputy S. Jones
  • Niecy Nash as Deputy Raineesha Williams ...
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Deputy S. Jones
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Cedric went to and graduated from Burnsville Highschool, Minnesota. He has two brothers, Eni and Trevor and has a sister Amber. Attended Minnesota State University and wrote/acted sketch comedy at Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis.


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    • [On if his character from Reno 911! has a first name]
      Cedric Yarbrough: He has a first name and maybe it will be revealed in either the TV show or maybe a sequel to the movie, or maybe even a prequel to the movie. Maybe we'll pull a whole George Lucas and see Jones' inception and conception but for now, it's kind of a secret. But yes, Jones has a first name.

    • [On his favorite episode of Reno 911!]
      Cedric Yarbrough: One of my favorite episodes, I'll give you one of those, a lot of people come up and ask me about the installation is free episode. A lot of people talk about that one and a lot of people talk about when Jones got crossing guard duty. A lot of people come up and talk to me about the Nation of Islam episode. We're very lucky to have episodes that kind of work with everybody and people really seem to like these characters and the cartoon situations that they seem to be in all the time.

    • [On how much of Reno 911! and Reno 911!: Miami is scripted]
      Cedric Yarbrough: The movie is a little more structured I should say, as opposed to scripted. The show can range from 88 percent improvised to 93 percent improvised. We just kind of go and see where we end up.

    • [On Reno 911! and Reno 911!: Miami]
      Cedric Yarbrough: You never know if people will catch on and enjoy the movie as much as they enjoy the show; or vice versa. The television business is very strange and weird but this movie business I find even more wacky. You never know what people are going to like or latch on to. We've been lucky because the whole show has been a God-send. The show wasn't even supposed to be picked up, it sat on a shelf for two years before it got picked up by Comedy Central. For us to actually have a movie out of it is astonishing.

    • [On how long he sees Reno 911! being on]
      Cedric Yarbrough: This thing could run forever if it wanted to. I mean, funny cops are funny cops. I run into a bunch of police officers and they say, 'Your show is one of the most real depictions of cop life there is. CSI, those are all really entertaining but you don't know how many times that kind of stuff has happened to us.' So those type of storylines, and these type of characters too almost, not every department has a character just like Jones or just like Dangle or just like Johnson but pretty damn similar.

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