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Cee Lo Green Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Cee-Lo was dropped from the Arista Records label after only two albums, due to low record sales.

    • Cee-Lo and DJ Danger Mouse pose for their publicity shots as movie characters that they like. They have been shot as characters from: Napoleon Dynamite, Austin Powers, Donnie Darko, Wayne's World and Fight Club.

    • Cee-Lo is known for his outrageous costumes that he wears in live performances and music videos. He and DJ Danger mouse have performed as: characters from Star Wars with Cee-Lo singing as an un-masked Darth Vadar, flight crews, chefs, in their pajamas, and members of school marching bands.

    • Cee-Lo and his former band 'The Goodie Mob' had a cameo appearance as the 'No-Goodie Mob' in the movie Mystery Men.

    • Cee-Lo's favorite movie is This is Spinal Tap, he uses the movie's famous catchphrase 'To the eleven!' in his concerts.

    • Cee-Lo is heavily tattooed, from his bald head, to his ankles. He sports an 'Old English' style rendition of the word REVOLUTION across his back, and the word 'trill', above his left ear. The 'Revolution' across his back matches the back of his Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfection CD case.

    • Cee-Lo has lent his vocals to the following artist's tracks: Kelis, Carlos Santana, Twista, Outkast, Diddy, and Trick Daddy.

    • Cee-Lo is also known as: SugaBaby, ElDorado-Lo, Ralo Eight, Cee-Lo Sinatra, Lorilla, Henni-Cee-Lo, and CarBelly.

    • Cee-Lo's favorite meal is Southern-fried chicken with scrambled eggs.

    • Rapper Cee-Lo released two solo albums before hooking up for his collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse. One in 2002, and one in 2004. In 2006, his former label released a compilation of his greatest hits to ride the success of Gnarls Barkley.

    • Cee-Lo's rhymes always contain a moral theme or a spiritual message without being labeled as 'prechy' or overbearing in his beliefs.

    • Gnarls Barkley came together in 2003, while Cee-Lo was touring, Danger Mouse was his DJ. They felt that they were on the same level, musically speaking, and thought of teaming up, they were signed as Gnarls Barkley to Downtown Records by Josh Deutsch.

    • Cee-Lo is prominently billed as a rapper, but is also referred to as a Gospel or Faux-Gospel singer.

    • Cee-Lo's step-daughter Sierra was featured on the MTV reality show Sweet 16, where rich parents throw outrageous, over-the-top parties for their child's 16th birthday. However, the party was almost cancelled, when Cee-Lo and his wife discovered that Sierra was getting average grades in school. In the end, the party went as scheduled, and Sierra made her arrival in a helicopter.

    • Cee-Lo's son, Kingston is featured on the introduction of 'Cee-Lo Green...is the Soul Machine' music video.

    • Cee-Lo has many artistic talents, in addition to singing, he raps, draws, dances, and designs fashionwear. He prefers to be known for his many sides as an artist, not just as a performer.

    • Cee-Lo, like many artists from the South, started his career performing in his church.

    • Cee-Lo first hit the music scene as part of 'The Goodie Mob', a hip-hop group that had a large part in the 'Dirty South Movement' of the 1990s. He left the group in 1999, after their third album, to launch a solo career.

    • Cee-lo is actually Thomas Callaway, a talented singer/rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

    • Cee-Lo is one half of the group Gnarls Barkley, along with DJ Dangermouse. They are known for their international hit, "Crazy".

  • Quotes

    • Cee-Lo: I have a certain positive vibe that I carry with me wherever I go. I try and put it out there, to invite people around me to jump on in, and be positive as well. Because I am a big believer in the theory that you get back....what you put out.