Cerina Vincent

Cerina Vincent


2/7/1979, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Cerina Vincent


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Cerina's claim to fame came after landing the role of Maya on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999). She is now currently working in 5 new movies, "Everybody Wants to Be Italian" (2006), "One Part Sugar" (2006), "Toxic" (2007), "Devil on the Mountain" (2006), & Fashion Victim (2006) Cerina…more


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    • Cerina: (on filming "Cabin Fever") How many times do you get to be covered in mud and blood and run around in the woods screaming?

    • Cerina: (quote in senior yearbook) It's what's inside that counts, but 'beauty has no holiday'.

    • Cerina: (on preparing for a role) I just find the core emotion of the character…Once you find the core emotion of the character, or anybody, and you know what makes them tick from the inside out, it makes the whole movie easier. It makes it easy to understand. You understand the base human emotion of somebody, and then you're okay.

    • Cerina: (on being a pageant girl) Well, Miss Nevada Teen was one of those things that, my mom was a dance teacher and she had a million little dance students and a huge family. I used to watch them with my cousins, the pageant stuff, and I always wanted to do it. My mom was like, "H*ll, no," and I was like "Please," and she said no. So I raised all of the money myself and just did it, and I won it, which was kind of unexpected. Then I went to Miss Teen USA, and decided never again would I do something like that. Not that it's bad. It's just, if you're not raised and bred a pageant girl, then you're not a pageant girl.

    • Cerina:(on actresses who inspired her) Cameron Diaz is great, but the person I admire most is Robin Wright Penn.

    • Cerina:(on taking the role of Areola) Taking this role was a huge decision for me, and I didn't know whether I could do it. I hadn't done nudity before. I was totally naked, but something could always be covered on the bottom half. For instance, if I had a close-up, I could have sweatpants on.