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  • It\'s a pity Danova could not act in more leading roles as he did in Don Juan, he was a good actor and worked in so many films and serials!

    I agree with the previous comment. Danova was underrated may be his look of \\\"beefcake\\\" confined him to certain roles. As a matter of fact he was quite a good actor, he was for example one of the few whose part wasn\\\'t cut in Cleopatra. Pity he died when he still could work nicely. He appeared in lots and lots of tv series, in Garrison gorillas as a lead, but in so many other as a guest. Also his versatile ability must not be forgotten.
  • Cesare Danova was a much underatted prolific character actor.

    Cesare Danova was a prolific character actor. The roles he played showed a versatility that is amazing. They ranged from light comedy to heavy drama, good guys to bad guys. What ever he did, he seemed to have a twinkle in his eye. In Garrison's Gorillas he played one of a band of convicts recruited by the U.S. Army in WWII. In this show he was the only actor who did a decent job. He died after filming the two part season ending for In the Heat of the Night and before filming the next season's opener. His unexpected death meant that the third episode could not be filmed as planned, thus making nonesense of the entire story line.