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  • Chace grew up in Plano, Texas. He graduated from Trinity Christian Academy and joined the Sigma Nu fraternity. His parents are Chris and Dana Crawford. His mother encouraged him to take acting.

    Chace Crawford is such an amazing actor. He is gorgeous, handsome, and definitely sexy. He has a beautiful smile that would rock any girl's world. I love him playing Nate Archibald on the CW's hit show Gossip Girl. He has played Serena's, Blair's, Vanessa's, and even the Cougar's love interests on the show. It is pretty entertaining. I watch it every Monday and I totally love it! He doesn't always show his flirty side but he can still sweep anybody on their feet. Whatever his expression is, it is so natural and absorbing. I wish I get the chance to meet him.
  • Chace Crawford's role as NAte in Gossip Girl is such a wonderful thing to watch in the series. Among all the male stars of the series, I love Chace so much. He is such a sweet but hot boyfriend that every girl would want.

    Chace Carwford is such a hottie. he is so cute and so yummy. However, on top of it all... being a hottie, sexy, handsome, and yummy, he is a good actor and a natural one. His Current role as the Dutchess Boyfriend is so original and I love every minute of staring at him and watch him...

    Amond all the male character's in the series Gossip Girl, he is my favorite because he doesn't always show the flirty look but he can still sweep anybody on their feet. Whatever his expression is, it is so natural and absorbing. I can always get the dream of falling into his arms.

    I love his role now as the boyfriend and fling of Dutchess Catherine who is the Stepmother of Lord Marcus who is the boyfriend of Blair. The plot is so good because Blair is Nate's ex and Dutchess Catherine approved Lord Marcus's relationship with Blair eventhough she (Catherine) does not approve of this. However, since Blair saw Catherine and Nate having sex in her own library, Catherine has no other choice but to approve it.

    Right now, since Nate's family has financial problem, he has no other choice but to accept Catherine's financial help. Anyway, I would certainly give anything to be with Nate. (*Smile) I mean he is so gorgeous and so cute and sexy. Who wouldn't want to be with him?

    Anyway, i can't wait for the next episode. I love CHACE!!!
  • he is fudgin hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!

    c*h*A*c*e c*r*A*w*f*O*r* sooooooo..hOtT!!!! hopefully he'll be in more shows in da future and does great in wateva show/movie he decides 2 be in.... i luv luv luv luv his work in gossip girl and cant wait 4 da new season..cuz da last one wuz 2 short 2 be true... seemed as if one nite it wuz on and da next it wuz da season finale so maybe next season will be long and feature lotzzzzz of scenes wit him in it ..... i hope he keeps dat really cute short hair style and awesome personality(he seems nice and considerate)......... peace out!!!
  • Chace Crawford is from Texas. So he's from the sotherns.

    I have like a huge crush on him... he's such a great actor there are so many things to say about him. If I met him I would faint, and I actually mean it. I'm not even kidding. I'm not that kind of stalker freakish crush, like if I saw him I would touch his pants like some other girls does...which I think is gross and no wonder why they need body Guards. I really don't mind that he's dating Carrie Underwood like some other girl would hate her, but I don't because I listen to her music. and I'm not that jealous type like most girls.
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    i think that chace is so hot and he was amazing in the covanent. and i can't wait to see him in gossip girl on the CW in september!