Chad Allen

Chad Allen


6/5/1974, Cerritos, California

Birth Name

Chad Allen Lazzari



Also Known As

Chad Allan, Chad Allen
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Born June 5, 1974 in Cerritos, California, Chad Allen, whose full name is Chad Allen Lazzari, grew up in Long Beach, CA. He's the youngest of four boys, and his parents were hoping for a girl. They got one, in the shape of Chad's twin sister, Charity. Chad…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chad is already training for the Aids Lifecycle 6, 2007. As of now he's set a goal of raising $10,000 for AIDS charities in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

    • Chad's movie "Save Me" is selected for the Sundance Film Festival.

    • If you want to write a letter to chad, you can send it to the following adress:

      Chad Allen
      c/o Ryan Daly
      Kazarian/Spencer & Associates
      11969 Ventura Blvd.
      3rd Floor, Box 7409
      Studio City, CA 91604

    • Chad is a deeply spiritual person.

    • If Chad had to describe himself in one word he would say: blessed.

    • Chad had al lot of piercings but he doesn't have them on anymore.

    • Chad has four tattoos, one directly above his butt. The tattoos are important to him because they represent specific periods of Chads life.

    • Whenever Chad needs 'to recharge his batteries' he likes to go to Costa Rica because he likes the ocean.

    • Chad's favorite part of the Donald Strachey series is the strong relationship depicted on the show between Donald Strachey and his partner Tim.

    • On July 22, 2006, Chad joined Shepard's mother Judy and about 800 other people in a peaceful demonstration outside the Colorado Springs, CO, headquarters of Focus on the Family, an anti-gay rights organization.

    • As of 2006, Chad has just accepted a position on the Honorary Board of Directors for The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

    • Chad has donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as a part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

    • Chad likes doing theather above tv.

    • Chad is intending to join the Aids Lifecycle again next year.

    • Chad wanted to take part in the Aids Lifecycle for a long time, one of the final catalysts that made him do it was one of hist best friends and mentors dying of Aids believing that it was the retribution of God.

    • According to Chad, participating in the Aids Lifecycle was one of the most amazing experiences of his life.

    • Chad is very involved in the filmmaking process of the Donald Stratchey movies.

    • Chad launched his company specifically to turn the page on gay and lesbian film making.

    • Chad has a contract for two and a half years to shoot all six Donald Stratchey movies.

    • Chad was really impressed with how director, Ron Oliver handled the love scene on Third Man Out.

    • Chad's first love scene was with Helen Hunt.

    • Chad always wanted to play a gay character but was told for years that he wasn't gay enough for any of the characters for which he auditioned.

    • Donald Strachey was the first gay character Chad had ever played.

    • Chad grew up watching the Columbo films.

    • In the original novels of Donald Strachey, Stratchey was a forty-something year old guy. So before Chad could play Donald Stratchey there had to be some work done on the character.

    • Before Chad signed on for 'Third Man Out' he had only read one book of the Donald Stratchey series.

    • Save Me stars Chad Allen along with Robert Gand and Judith Light. It is about a gay and lesbian rehab center in Texas where men and woman go to become straight. Chad's character is brought there after a drug overdose.

    • Chad Allen has been featured on the cover of ´The Advocate´ three times in, October (9) 2001, November (25) 2003 and August (30) 2005

    • He has a pierced ear and a pierced belly button. His ear hold had to be covered up with make-up on Dr. Quinn.

    • He is one of the co-founders of The Creative Outlet theater company which was started in 1995.

    • Chad is one of the co-founders of a production company called Mythgarden.

    • Chad is politically active and is involved in groups such as MADD, The American Diabetes Association, The Autistic Children's Foundation, and Angel's Flight, a teen halfway house.

    • He is the youngest of four boys. His parents were hoping for a girl which they got because he has a twin sister.

    • It was decided that Chad Lazzari, his real name, sounded like a name for a dark-haired Italian, not a blond, blue-eyed boy, so he started out on his acting career as Chad Allen instead, using his middle name.

    • After graduating from high school, Chad was accepted to New York University, however he decided to put off college when he was offered the part of Matthew Cooper on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.

    • He had past problems with drugs and alcohol.

    • With the Aids Lifecycle Chad Allen raised $25.106.00. giving him the second highest donation.

    • After the first Donald Strachey movie, Chad has now finished shooting the sequel Shock to the System.

    • Chad Allen will participate in the Aids Lifecycle 2006, from June 4-10 he will make a 585-mile bike ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, with this he is raising money to help people with AIDS and HIV.

    • Chad Allen played in the Movie End of the Spear wich caused a great controversy as the movie is about Christians and they don't aprove of being gay.

    • Chad Allen is gay. He came out at the age of 25.

    • Chad's twin sister Charity, with whom he enjoys a terrific relationship, has been a highly-accomplished gymnast since childhood.

    • Only signed on for the "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993) pilot to earn money for college. He did not think the series would be picked up and thought that it would pay for his college tuition. The series ran for 6 years.

  • Quotes

    • Chad Allen: There are still a lot of guys—I know them personally—some very famous who are even known to be gay or play gay characters, and yet they won't come out. I just don't get it. I know the journey can be tough. If you're not in that place of feeling proud about who you are, then **** stay in the closet!

    • Chad Allen: I don't know if it's as damaging on a public level, but I'm certain it's damaging on a personal level. I'm absolutely certain that forcing any young person or not-so-young person into dealing with the issue when they aren't ready to or simply don't want to is damaging to the soul. It's just not right.

    • Chad ALlen: Until Brokeback Mountain there was a huge fear or belief that you couldn't tell a story with a gay hero and have it make money. A well-made movie with a good story trumps everything. It's not just a victory for gay rights; it's a victory for humanity.

    • Chad Allen: (After a photo appeared in the news of Chad kissing another man) It kind of disappeared and I kept working and doing the show and nobody really said anything about it, and I just realized that wasn't what I wanted to do anymore, that I really did want to talk about it. So when I made the decision to come out on my own, it really wasn't in response at all to pictures being printed in the Globe. It was something I wanted to do with my life.

    • Chad Allen: Long before I made the decision to come out and be an openly gay actor, I was told, 'Don't do it until it's good news.' I thought that was the most brilliant advice. Who I am is really good news today. I'm not afraid to share that.

  • the best one of them all

    Chad Allen is one of the people who is great at what he does and for him to be gay is the best because kids who are gay and wont to be actors can look up to him and see that just because they are gay does not meen that they cant get good work he is in movies now and he is going strong on what he does so for the people out there that are gay this guy is one of the men to look up to and if you wont to be a actor then go ahead and now that Chad Allen is a role model the kids that are gaymoreless
  • I first saw him in Star Trek The Next Generation and I wanted to see more.

    I first saw him in Star Trek The Next Generation when I had bhought Season 4, I was watching Suddenly Human and I was seeing this boy. I looked on the internet who he was and found out that it was Chad Allen, after this I didn't pay any attention to him or the things he played in.

    A year later or so I was watching Charmed and saw his name again, now I'm looking for as much episodes and movies he playes in.

    I think Chad is a great person and actor, he just stands for what he is and what he believes in and I really think that's just great.

    This year he is doing the Aids Lifecycle 2006 and this is something I again think is great.

    The thing I was dissapointed in is the fact that all the shows I watch with him having a guest role is that he has very little screentime :P but the time he has makes up for that, but I think he should have his own show.moreless