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  • So long

    Just saw his last role in the "Castle" episode "The Blue Butterfly" here on german TV. I also remember his shortlived series "Hagen". And not to forgett his Major Maxwell Mercy on "Centennial".
  • Chad Everett plays the aged Dean in this episode of Supernatural and does a terriffic job. He looked like a cross between James Coburn and Clint Eastwood. He was believable as ol Dean and funny in his scenes with Bobby.

    They really do a fantastic job of casting on this show. Chad Everett was an excellent choice to play the old Dean. The interchange between him and Bobby and Jared were gems. Chad can deliver a look that says it all. He is one of the "older" actors around who really can deliver. Even though he was playing an old man you still saw the youthful mind in him and it's frustration with having an aged body suddenly thrust on him. He should be playing leading characters either on TV or in Movies. He would be great in an action movie as an old cop/special agent/super hero or something forced out of retirement and put into action again. I could see him playing the old guy bellyaching and complaining but then getting pissed enough to shake it all off and get back into action surprising the hell out of everybody.