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    • Chad (about his rape scene with Marcus Patrick in Descent): It's funny they asked me before, what would be your greatest fear, a small guy to take you or a big guy? And I said, 'definitely a big guy and secondly if the big guy made me like it,' and that was sort of where this film ended up going is he makes me like it which is the ultimate emasculation. It wasn't so much big or small but the fact that he made me enjoy being the victim of sexual rape.

    • Chad (about Marcus Patrick playing the role of Adrian in Descent): Honestly I was picturing like John Leguizamo or something when I first read the script and then Marcus Patrick walks in and I'm like, 'Oh My God,' he's like twice the size!

    • Chad (about being stuck in a drafty, cold shooting space while filming Descent): I begged the first AD for a heater! I literally sat him down, man to man and said, 'look, I don't care about closing the set just give me heat! Please give me heat!' Yeah, it didn't happen, so I went through a complete loss of ego. I left there going, 'I have no more ego left.' I felt very lost for a moment.

    • Chad (about Descent): I definitely went through a great loss of ego shooting the film. At one point in the film where it shows me naked and I'm strapped to the bed, I had decided that in that scene my character would be turned on by the danger of what was going on. I thought it was a part of who he was. So I tried to go to the place where I was turned on by it, but it was the hardest thing to do. I have such respect for porn actors after doing that scene because I couldn't fucking get there! Ya know being in this warehouse in New York in December. I just couldn't fucking do it.

    • Chad (about working with Rosario Dawson and Talia Lugacy): We really had to create a bond of trust which I think is the reason why when I felt that I had hurt her I was so scared, because I felt that I had violated that bond of trust that we had to have to go all the places we went, and that was shot fairly early on in the schedule, so I was rally concerned that she wasn't going to feel comfortable with me after that. That's the reason I had such a reaction to that because as a professional that's one line you don't cross because you have to be able to trust each other.

    • Chad (about Rosario Dawson and Descent director Talia Lugacy): I didn't know them at all, so it was definitely walking into a very odd machine that had started long before I came around. It was very fascinating to be a part of that because those girls have sort of a short hand that I eventually became in on, but yeah they are both very courageous, ambitious, lovely people and I think they'll both continue to do some pretty remarkable things.

    • Chad: Ya know, when they made The Blair Witch Project, the director said to them, 'your safety is my concern, but your comfort is not.' And I agree, you make sure everyone feels that they're not going to be hurt but they don't necessarily have to feel comfortable. So we definitely got into places of discomfort.

    • Chad (about Descent): But then when we did the scene where I got attacked, I couldn't actually get out. I was hand cuffed and tied in so I couldn't actually get out between takes. I could spit out the gag but I couldn't take off the blind fold and I couldn't even like, ya know, adjust my cock if I wanted to, so I was extremely vulnerable. And to top it all off in the part that they used where I had to be fully naked, Rosario slaps me across the face twice and I'd asked her to really do it so I wouldn't have to fake a reaction and I thought, 'ya know… what ever I'll just do it,' and I realized how vulnerable I felt just sitting there exposed not to mention I'm getting beaten really hard, and I said after the first take I said, 'alright do one more, but do it again as quickly as possible please.' And we did one more take and I had to go off into the corner again and just break down. My emotions hadn't really caught up with my mind until I got in there and was actually doing it so I didn't realize wholly what I was walking into. But it was definitely a creative climax for me.

    • Chad (about Descent): I definitely had an emotional reaction to it while we were doing it,' he says. "I had a couple of times were I just broke down thinking, 'oh my god I can't believe I'm doing this to somebody.' We didn't really have a code red; pull me out kind of thing. So there were moments where it was hard to know if we were going too far, ya know? It was at times frightening.

    • Chad (about Descent): The reason I was so drawn to it was I immediately understood the character and that frightened me,' he admits. "It frightened me how much I understood his motivations and it wasn't that I have the inclination to be a serial rapist or anything of that nature, but I understood his need to get his power this way. He felt completely disempowered by everyone in his life and I just understood that this was how he dealt with it. He was not even aware of it himself that that's what he was doing or why he was doing it. But I immediately understood it and so I felt like that was a story I had to be a part of.

    • Chad: I think I've always taken some kind of pride in the fact that I feel I'll do anything if it's to tell a meaningful story. In acting class I've always been the first one to get naked or whatever the challenge is; I feel you've just gotta do it. And this was one venue where it told me to step up and prove that.

    • Chad (about his scene attacking Rosario Dawson in "Descent"): The scene had been coming off quite violent up until that point and this put a whole new reality into it and the scene became much more psychological and less physically aggressive and that's actually the version you see in the film now. It's the version we did after we had this sort of break down. I actually went into another room and had to just cry because I was so distraught that I actually hurt her. But it gave a reality to what was going on in the scene and it allowed us to have a release so we could get into what the scene was really about which wasn't so much that I was taking her physically but I was taking her emotionally and mentally and the psychology of it was far more important than the physical aggression.