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  • He was very funny on 'Hang Time'. I remember as a kid him making me laugh the most out of any other character. He should be getting more work, he's a great actor and at the least should get recurring roles or at the most should get a regular role

    I think it's unfair that now so far he only gets small roles, he should be reconised more, as I said he was very funny on Hang Time, in my opnion it was him, Megan Parlen, Michael Sullivan and Anthony Anderson that made that show worth watching (and they should be getting more work too). Once most of them went, the show was no longer funny or that good, in my opinion anyway. You ask any fan of that show what their favourite moments are I bet you there moments that have these actors in them.
    I hope someday someone relises what a good actor Chad Gabriel is and gives him that big break he deserves.