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  • He's so cool!

    Chad Krowchuk...I only saw him in Smallville and heard about him in Mentors. My friends who saw him in other things said he was kinda cute, and in Smallville he plays a dork. But I can see behind the dorkiness. He's got good points and bad points. Bad points are: He's short (but he's actually like 23 years old), it looks like he has acne, and his eyebrows are bushy (extremely bushy). But the good things about him are: He has long, gorgeous blonde hair, he seems to be quite athletic (as though he actually plays basketball or something), his palms are big (and they have a lot of wrinkles), his fingers are long (VERY long), and his voice is nice and deep (like he could be a singer). I'm not sure how good of an actor he is cause he only had a small part in Smallville and then the rest of the episode he just stood there (because some guy turned him into a wax statue) which petrifyed him, and he was stuck in place (he was frozen in a funny position too). It was cool, but the wax sort of transformed his body a little and he looked kinda weird (not a good example of how hot this rising teen star could be...the only reason he looks good to me in this episode is because I bought the DVD and paused it when the guy was grabbing his hand to waxify him. If you want to see this yourself, they have screencaps from this episode all over the Internet, but most of the pictures of Chad are of him when he's a statue...but it's very realistic, as though they stuck him in a mold...kinda like they did to Han Solo in the last Star Wars movie). Well, I hope to see him in more shows soon (maybe a recurring role in Smallville?) P.S. The only episodes of Mentors I saw him in was this weird one where Chad got sucked into this freaky machine (I wasn't really paying attention, but it must have done something to him cause his body started was kinda funny). Then these other kids had to save him cause he was growing older at a rapid rate and this whole big thing with a detective wasn't the best (and he was only like 17 or 18 years old in Mentors and in Smallville he was like 22 or 23...he actually looked sexier in Mentors, probably because in Smallville he was dressed like a geek, but if he hadn't played a geek, then he definetly would have been hotter in Smallville) and the other episode was this one where he somehow got split into two, and one half of him was the weird body with the nice personality and he couldn't tell a lie, and the other half of him was the hot body that was acting all naughty and stuff. It's weird, cause I never actually finished watching those episodes, so as far as I know, there are two really mean old Chads out there who can't tell lies. But I hope he's in more shows from now on.moreless