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Chad L. Coleman

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  • This brothers acting is so natural.. His swagger and facial expressions make his role and parts just that much more real and believable....

    Ive been watching Mr. Colemans acting and following him for a while now. since hes stepped on the sceen and honestly I believe this brother is such a great actor.. SO UNDERUSED.. should definitely have more face time on the screen.. Id really hope to see him more and hope that the Wire keeps his role reoccuring. Because I really believe he adds so much flavor and class to the show.. I really loved the part where the kids left out of the gym and then he went back and looked for them again.. and he apologized to them and then said well IM HERE NOW!!! i had tears in my eyes...moreless
  • Very Very Good actor. I think he is a star in the making. Extremely compelling when I watch him.

    The episode what he tell wood harris\'s character he is out of the game. I tell you, that\'s when I knew this dude has talent. They seemed to really flow with one another. I look forward to watching what will happen next season. He\'s also extremely attractive. would love to know where he lives, not that I\'m a stalker or anything, maybe right him a letter.. stop by whatever.