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  • Lucas Scott

    He is an amazing actor! he is so good looking and does every part well
  • brill actor

    brilliant actor should have been in the rest of one tree hill i hated it when he left and i wished that he could had been in most of season 9 and i also think that he should be a main character in a another tv series
  • I think he's a dickhead for screwing up her marriage with sophia

    well he is a really good actor and thats why i probably gave him 10!!! but whats up with him 'how the hell can he hook up with paris hilton slut when he is married to sophia bush'. If i am going to rate him for his character in real life i would give him a big zero coz most of them would give anything to marry and love sophia and keep her safe!!Oh come on first he's sleepin with paris then a girl from the show itself ,whats wrong with him!!!I am sry ppl for my comments i just love sophia bush and i hate him for screwing up with her!!!
  • I love you Chad! :)

    Chad Michael Murray is my favourite celebrity ever and he is so great! And he is soooo gorgeous! (Even though my best friend doesn't agree lol) and yes I just love him! He is so awesome on One Tree Hill! He was really the only reason I started to watch the show and now I love it, and am really obsessed with it haha :) He is also great on House of Wax, I really love that movie! I did hear that he may not be coming back for One Tree Hill season 7, and that would just be a disaster! One Tree Hill would be nothing without him! Please stay Chad, I love you! :)
  • Chad Michael Murray is absolutely amazing!

    Chad Michael Murray is one of my favorite actors like ever. I only started to watch One Tree Hill because he was the main character, and I fell in love with the show. It does not hurt that he is great to look at as well. Chad Michael Murray adds so much to the show. On the few episodes that he is not there for I did not enjoy those as much. His character, Lucas, is an amazing person inside and out. He is going to go on to do great things when One Tree Hill is over. I absolutely love him.
  • He is a really good actor.

    Chad Michael Murray is a very talented, handsome, and charming actor. He has a very well played role on One Tree Hill as Lucas Scott. After his divorce with Sophia Bush many of his fans looked down on him because the divorce was put out to be his fault. The divorce did not affect me as his fan because divorces happen to every day people. Other great roles I think he has played and other people should check out are his roles in A Cinderella Story, House of Wax, and Freaky Friday. He has eyes that will melt your heart. A lot of people believe he is over rated but really he is just a young actor trying to make it in Hollywood. He has done a very good job of himself and I think any one who has thought he is over rated should think again. I mean all Hollywood stars are cocky but also all of them have their nice side. Oh, and Chad is steamy hot.
  • Absolutely gorgeous. Sooooo hot.

    Chan Michael is absolutely gorgeous! Especially in that pic on top of the page - wow, just wow. He was smokin' (lol) in saeson 1 and then she shaved his head and I was like - what the? Then it grew a bit and I was like yay! Then he died it and I was like - oh no! But then it went back to his nice colour and I was like yay! haha what a weird review. I should call it 'The Life Story of Chad Michael Murray's Hair', haha. Oh yeah, he is also a good actor even though his character can get a bit corny at times and what with the brooding looks all the time. I mean, when he does it he looks hot but sometimes he does it just too often. Oh and I LOVE HIS SMILE!
  • hot!

    OMG i love him he is so hot, his acting is great and i love it. He is also a great person by the looks of him ! although he is a great actor his body is much better, he is a s fit as anything and is so good looking what ever movie he is in i would watch it ! But i must say that what ever he does with his life he has lived a very good one, and he will always be known as a hot actor with a great body and having played in Cinderella Story and One Tree Hill.
  • Fit As!!!

    Chad Michael Murray is a great actor! In Cinderella Story he is the perfect prince I'm sure everyones jelous of Hilary Duff!!!!! He is just a great actor he can do anything!!!
    He's absolutly gorgeous! Has a great body and a great voice!! Even as a meanie in House of Wax he's still great!! In the TV show One Tree Hill he's great too playing the fit basketball player! He always plays different roles and they always suit him...i dont think i've seen a role he cant play!!
    Apparently in real life he's a bit of a naughty boy but hey! we all go for naughty boys at one point lol!!!
  • Date of Birth 24 August 1981, Buffalo, New York, USA Birth Name Chad Michael Murray Nickname CMM Height 6' (1.83 m)

    Born in Buffalo, New York, Chad found a ready audience early on. When he was four or five years old, the young ham performed skits and sang made-up songs for his large family which includes three brothers, a half-brother and a sister. At age fifteen, an injury landed him in a hospital where a nurse encouraged him to pursue a modeling career.

    Two years later, Chad won a scholarship from a modeling agency in Buffalo to attend a modeling convention in Orlando. There he met his destiny when an agent from Los Angeles spotted him and persuaded the seventeen-year-old to pursue his dream of acting upon graduation from high school.

    In 1999, the aspiring actor headed for Hollywood where he supported himself modeling for such clients as Sketchers, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci while looking for a break. Soon after he arrived, Chad appeared in several guest-starring television roles including an episode of "Diagnosis Murder" (1993). Then he got the call he'd been hoping for. The WB's "Gilmore Girls" (2000) was casting for the role of Tristan DuGrey. They were looking for someone who was likable and charismatic but with an edgy side, and someone who had that certain "IT" quality. Chad was all that plus he had the perfect physical characteristics that the show's writers had in mind. The teenager won the role and has since made the character his own.

    He admires the talents of actors Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino Robert De Niro and Sean Penn and uses their influences in his work. Always a firm believer in clean living, Chad is a natural athlete. He played his favorite sport, football, in high school and keeps fit by working out at the gym, in-line skating, playing soccer, volleyball and basketball as well as football pick-up games. He is an anti-drug role model for kids and is active in charities for children and teens during his spare time. Before he married Sophia Bush on April 16th, 2005, Chad had set up house with a pug named Gus and a unique boisterous cat named Jack, who kept him from missing his large family too much.
  • empty

    Where is he?! He is Very Good Actor,Cool Actor...
    I Like Him...
  • Chad Michael Murray is amazing! I love him on "One Tree Hill" and in "A Cinderella Story"! I dub him the next Brad Pitt. :>

    Chad Murray is a really, REALLY good actor. He was on "Freaky Friday" but his hair was long and prefer it short. He was on "A Cinderella Story" too and I thought his acting there was great. Austin Aimes...SO HOTT. :D He was on "House Of Wax" as well, alongside Paris Hilton. Chad is 26 or 27 I believe and he is currently playing Lucas Scott on The CW's, "One Tree Hill".

    Chad was married to Sophia Bush (a co-star from One Tree Hill) in 2005 but sadly got divorced about 5 months later because of said affairs with Paris Hilton. :( He is now dating Kenzie Dalton. Chad is an amazing guy not to mention actor. He has a lot of fans out there because of his charisma and good-looks. Chad needs to get his personal life straightened out though...I liked Chopia.
  • I say original, not because he is talented, but because he is a stupid dumbass who I hate so bad for cheating on Sophia Bush...WITH PARIS HILTON. He is talented though.

    I mean he is a great actor and I am admired by him, but he is a big **** jackass for cheating on the gorgeous Sophia Bush with the **** of Paris Hilton...who doesn't even care about what she did to poor Sophia. I love his acting in A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday, and even House of Wax which is the movie that destroyed his marriage. His character in One Tree Hill is cool and I admire him very much, but I still hate him. I hope he doesn't cheat on Kenzie Dalton, his new fiancée, but I really liked him being with Sophia Bush. If he hasn't apologized to Sophia, then I hope he does. I don't hate him, I just hate one mistake he did...and that is leaving Sophia Bush.
  • Chad Michael Murray is the most gorgeous most handsome, cutest person in this whole entire world and I love him.

    Chad Michael Murray is best known for his character on One Tree Hill: Lucas Eugene Scott, also his charming character in Cinderella story and Freaky Friday and how could i forget the scary house of Wax. Every part he plays he captures it in a way I can't describe and still to this very day I get Goosebumps watching him. He has the whole package: Insanely good looks,a talented actor and the lead role on the best show One Tree Hill. I've liked him for 6 years and I'm never going to stop. My only wish is that him and Hilary Burton would get together because i think they are made for each other: LEYTON 4 EVER AKA Lucas & Peyton
  • wwwoooowwww!!!! he is hot and talented!!!

    the best ! ! ! ! he is my favotite on one tree hill ! !

    just wish he was abetter person..
    I belive he is a good guy just lost maybe, couse if sophia married him he must be an amazing guy ! !

    i hope he'll get back to being that person and not a cheater . . . and i hope even if it probebly never happened that sophia and him will get back together ! !
    and brucas ! !

    i'm a huge one tree hill fan and hope season five will continue plus season six could be really great..
  • One of my favorite actors on tv

    Chad Michael Murray is one of my fav actor ever. even although he is quite young he has had quite a few roles in tv and film. not only is he talented but he is also one of the luckiest guys on earth. he has worked with paris hilton and hilary duff and he was married to sophia bush!! what a legend. he is also a great actor though. i love one tree hill, its my fav show and thats mostly because of him. he is the best character in the show. also his relationship with nathan in the show is turbulent and he and james lafferty play the roles well.
  • Chad Michael Murray Is this Hot Guy who is in my favorite Show One Tree Hill! He is so hansom and like one of my favorite actors. He is talented and sexy!!!! lol

    Chad Michael Murray Is a person that I love! He has been some what of an inspiration to me over the past years. If he ever ends his career with One Tree Hill I will have to cry, he works so well on the show and should never leave! I hope that he will keep up with his career and never quit. He is such an amazing actor and should never lose sight of that. He will do great things in the future and I be leave that he will be as famous as Adam Sandler some day. He is my idol and i love him. Wow that dosen't sound stalkerish at all! lol
  • Chad Michael Murray [LucasScott] One Of America's Hottest Actors. This Is My View On Him Feel Free To Have A Read :)-- 'When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you. It's you, Peyton.'

    Im Going To Put It Bluntly, I Absolutly Adore Him!..
    He's Gorgeous [Not That Im Shallow] Not Only Can He Relate Himself To The Characters That He Plays But He Has Such Passion For Acting! He Plays Lucas Scott Basketball And Literature Lover. Lucas Is Nathan Scott's Half-Brother And Former Rival. He Was Raised By His Mother After His Father Abandoned Them. He Must Balance His Tumultuous Relationships With His Father Dan Scott And The Two Girls In His Life, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis. Later He Becomes The Half-Brother To Lily Scott And Uncle To James Scott. He's The Reason I Got So Fixed On Oth! This May Sound Stupid, But he Literally Turns Into The Person That He's Acting And Plays Different Situations And Consequences Perfectly.

    Im Really Looking Forward To Chad Acting In Any Future Films/Programmes And Would Give Him 100/10 For His Acting Skills..

  • I absolutely love him.

    Chad Michael Murray is definatly one of my favourite actors ever. Apart from the fact that he is gorgeous I also think he is great in One Tree Hill. My love for him is a little weird of couse but come on: Have you seen the man he's fantastic! I really like his portral of Lucas in OTH he manages to show Lucas as a real person not just this character guy. He makes Lucas a personal favourite among fans with his philosophical way of thinking and his genuine good guyness (I know not a word can't help it English bad). So I close with: He's great lets all love him.
  • He is very talented and good looking!

    Chad is very talented. I liked him in the film A Cinderella Story. He was soo good and is such a good actor. He makes you beleive everything he does. Thats the true signs of a good actor. He is amazingly super duper hot and good looking! Words cannot describe how good he looks. He has been in tons of good movies and continues to. He has had a really good career and I wish all the best for him.Oh yeh, did I forget to mention he is good looking? If not I will say it again. CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY = GOOD LOOKING! =D
    Do you get it now?
    Thats really the main reason I like him lol. Although he IS a good actor.
  • amazing actor.

    Chad Michael Murray is a greta actor. He is greta in movies and on television. Before he came to be on One Tree Hill, Chad was on my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, and he played the bad boy and I thought he played that very well. Then he went to do One Tree Hill and the roles were switched and he was the good guy. I think he has done a great job at that. His is also in some of my favorite movies, A Cinderella Story, and house Of Wax. I love Chad because he is a sweet guy. I can't wait until he makes more movies, and does more things on One Tree Hill.
  • chad is my favorite actor hot ILL miss young lucas very much

    good actor awful husban
    he really brings it to luke on oth
    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmm
    he is one of the greats
    keep up the awesome work
    we need you
    we love you
    we want to meet you
    youre the bestest ever
    Everything you do
    say think whatever well always be your fan
    will you keep starring on oth
    Lucas has't to stay hes the biggest
    star on the show hopefully he doesn't die
    because we need him to im his biggest fan

    he's mine thank you for being born
    your amazzing
    your funny can be alittle werid
    sometimes but
    still awesome thanks thsts it hope i didn't Bore you if i did im so sorry
    just dont know say lol
  • He's so cute! I know that sounds really shallow but I do think he's a pretty good actor too :p

    I know it's pretty shallow to just like someone because they're cute - but he really is lol. Let's just get that out of the way! Anyway, aside from the superficial stuff he is a good actor and he plays his character on OTH really well. There are of course some cheesy episodes where the acting isn't quite convincing enough - but he looks good so it doesn't matter so much! And I keep on going back to his looks...hmmm. So, i'll get back to the acting. I've seen Chad in Dawson's Creek, OTH and some of those Disney movies. I think he's kinda been typecast so far, he always plays the good looking guy who ends up dating the lead female role in the movie - not that I have any sort of problem with that! Lol

    I've yet to see House of Wax but I sort of don't want to because I don't think Paris Hilton has any talent so since she's in it i'm not holding out too much hope lol. I will get around to seeing it eventually though...yeah... :p

    I think he'll do pretty well acting-wise after OTH has ended, I can see him being pretty successful but I think he kinda needs to branch out and do different characters - maybe somebody darker than the characters he has played so far? I don't know that he's a great guy personality-wise in real life and some reports in the media have suggested he's not such a nice guy...but that doesn't mean that he's not cute or that he can't act! So, as long as he continues to look good and act well then it's all good, right?

    I don't like the bleached blonde curtains look though....really hasn't grown on me!
  • I absolutely LOVE, Chad Michael Murray, he is soooo Gorgeous!!

    Chad Michael Murray is my altime favorite actor.(at the moment) He is soo GORGEOUS!! He is a great actor, in the things that I have seen him in, One Tree Hill, Cinderella Story, GIlmore Girls, and Dawson's Creek. I love when he does that who broody thing. It just makes him look so much HOTTER!! The only thing that I do not like about him is that he cheated on Sophia Bush, why, she is GORGEOUS too! It must be ackward when filming, or it must have been after they got divorced. But i still love him!! Anyway, back to the reviewing, I think he is a very talented actor, he can be the sweet guy(cinderella story and one tree hill), or the jerkyish guys(gilmore girls) and he plays them all SOO well!!
  • Nice guy!

    umm Chad Michael Murray isn't a bad name even his charaters aren't that bad!! I saw him for the first time in "Freaky Friday", a movie which Lindsay Lohan is one of the important characters! Well, i didn't remarked him in that way how i remarked him in One Tree Hill and Cinderella's story. He seems to be a good guy, great actor but i think he might be exercise on his way to play. I didn't say that he play bad, no way.. but i feel like it miss something in his way to act! Well, how am i to make some kind of afirmations?? anyway, he's doing a good job in One tree hill.. keep it right dude ;)
  • Chad Michael Murray = HOT!!

    Blond hair, beautiful eyes and very hot body with great acting, that is Chad Michal Murray!! I just love him, and I don't know the woman that don't love him! As for acting, that is great too. But, to be honest, I love him just because of his look...That is, I watch the movies where he is because of him, and so, I must continue this review until I have 100 words talking about his look. Long hair is so good at him, and I didn't liked his hair in the house of wax, but, there is his body, so...
    OK, here are my 100 words, I'll stop now.
    He's VERY cute AND cool!!!
  • Chad is so HOT!

    Chad Michael Murray is so hot, i have to say i used to watch One Tree Hill and i quite liked it but then i stopped watching it and now i think it is a pretty lame show. Anyway Chad is super good and i especially like him in the movies - a Cinderella story and house of wax. Anyway I've seen him in Dawson's Creek before and he was pretty good in that. Well that's all I've got to say about Chad, but to everyone who doesn't think he is good looking the i say wtf. Open your eyes.
  • I love his character lucas on one tree hill, and he is a great actor, but lately he has just been turning into a bad person. Read the rest to see what I think.

    Chad is on one of my favorite shows and was one of my favorite actors, so it sucked to find out that he cheated(supposedly, but I think it's kinda obvious)on his wife Sofia. I disliked him for a some time, seeing as Sophia Bush is one of my all-time favorite actresses and plays my favorite character(Brooke) on OTH. Anyway, I got over it. I would have to see him anyway since he's on OTH. But my dislike for him resurfaced when I found out he was engaged, just months after his divorce with Sofia, to another OTH costar. One who was still a teenager, in fact. I was surprised he would jump that quickly into engagement. Well, it's his life and his choice. Hopefully, he will be faithful to her. I hope they have a good life together, because they seem like a happy couple.

    I am also very happy that Sofia has moved on, and I respect her for acting so graciously during the time of the divorce. She handled it wonderfully and seems like a very strong woman.

    I loved Chad and Sofia as a couple, but I doubt they will get back together. They both seem happy and have moved on.
  • Her may be a jacka** but I still like him.

    He is totally hot. and he has this cool air about him that totally says like no body can touch me i am way too cool. He is so sublte and everyhing. and he is a pretty good actor. now I dont wathc One Tree Hill but I did totally love him in House of Wax. He was such a mean hoodlum in that show that I totally fell in love with him. So yes he is totally hot and dreamy and all that and he is a totally greatactor in my opinion. So Go go go Chad. A great actor.
  • Chad Michael Murray is a phenominal actor!

    Chads not only a phenominal actor, he is also a very gorgeous human being. I have seen most of his films such as 'Cinderella Story' and 'House Of Wax'. I personally enjoyed his performance in 'Cinderella Story', he was very charming in the film. I think he was perfect for the roll, and made his character relatable. 'House Of Wax' is one of my favourite horror films, simple because it's not too scary, but scary enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. It was also nice to see Chad playing a different type of character that I've not seen him play before. In the film he plays more of a bad boy, where in other films and projects he seems to play nice guys. Thanks to Chad I began watching my all time favourite TV series 'One Tree Hill'. His character 'Lucas' is really sweet and seems to be a ladies man, which I find attractive. 'Lucas' is definatly my favourite character on the series, and if his character wasn't on the show I probably wouldn't watch it. When he got married to his 'One Tree Hill' co-star Sophia Bush I was supprised, I knew about their on set-romance but not about their off-set romance. Unfortunatly it didn't last and they devorced. But Chad seems like a romantic, and dived back into another marriage which is stiil going strong. Even though he's no longer single he still very charming, attractive and gorgeous. I will continue to watch Chad in his different projects, especially 'One Tree Hill', which hopefully will becoming back for a fifth season, fingers crossed.
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