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  • Chad is a visual artist originally from Seattle, Washington who was recruited by a friend @ 2006 to replace designer Roger Hazzard's former assistant Megan. Over time, he has been given more and more airtime. He has recently relocated to New York City.moreless

    Chad is very outgoing and charming. He has a playfully antagonistic relationship with hostess Tanya Memme, almost like a little brother. Apparently the producers of the show feel that he adds another dimension to the show, as he has been given increasingly more and more on-air time. My favorite episode is one where at the end, Tanya plays the guitar and serenades the homeowners. The cast (including Chad) surround Tanya, with Chad bopping with jazz hands to Tanya's music. He changes his appearance quite often, but I prefer him with a ful beard and shorts. Somehow he manages to look sexy every time he's on. Give him more air time, or give him his own show!moreless