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    • Chamillionaire: You're not gonna hear me killing everybody, but I think the streets are still going to mess with it. There's still that street element. You're not gonna hear me switch up and hear me cursing every song.

    • Chamillionaire: I just worked hard and continued doing what I was doing. I was never worried about anybody else. All you can do is get into the studio and put 110 percent into making the best music you can, and then you go out into the marketplace and push it 110 percent. That's my formula for everything.

    • Chamillionaire: For me to come out and sell less than what was expected during the first week as a new artist to the mainstream, people and critics didn't even think that I could reach gold. I surpassed that mark.

    • Chamillionaire: Everyday I watch the news and look at how crazy the world is. It humbles you to see other people's problems and to see the amount of adversity others seem to be going through. If you think you're going through hard times, you can always turn on the TV to see someone else who's going through things 10 times worse than you. But then again, the media will also dedicate a majority of their time focusing on topics that I feel are not as news worthy, often times making celebrity gossip their main focal point. I wanted to do a record with some social commentary but also not be too heavy handed when it comes to discussing the stuff that we should really be focusing on. I wanted to find the perfect balance and go right down the middle.

    • Chamillionaire: There are a lot of people who are just followers and do things because everyone else is doing it. I'm trying to lead by example. I won't do anything just for a dollar. Money will make people do crazy things and I'm not one of those people.