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  • chandler riggs

    I can't stop watching the walking dead because I need to know what happens to this boy. What a wonderful actor this guy is. I have to admit that he reminds me of my own sons and if they kill him off I'm sure I will grieve on several levels. I love how his character is evolving and the way he plays the role pulls me in. I keep wanting to save him. I have to keep telling myself 'its not real, he is not really stuck in zombie land. ' Can't wait for next season!

    go Carl!
  • chandler riggs

    seriously no reviews at all about chandler? he is freaking awesome i mean he is really funny i saw him play minecraft and with his friend sam i think that is his friends name and he can act when he is only fourteen and he got his first acting job when he was like 9 or 10 years old and not to mention he is totally hot by the way i just think that he is really awesome and hot and funny and cool and again awesome