Chandra West

Chandra West


12/31/1970, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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  • Chandra West as Devon and Victoria Platt...
  • Chandra West as Devon on The Gates.
  • Chandra West as Devon on The Gates.
  • Chandra West as Devon on The Gates.
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Chandra West was born on December 31, 1970, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After attending high school in Ontario, she started her career in show business by playing a small part on True Confessions in 1991, a television series about a lady with an awareness that's ahead of her…more


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    • Chandra West: We had just moved from Edmonton to Vancouver. I announced to my parents that I wanted to be a dancer. My parents have always encouraged their children to pursue their dreams so my mom enrolled me in ballet.

    • Chandra West: I go back to Canada every chance I get. The last time I was supposed to go back, I couldn't get a flight, so I had to take a bus, which was a total nightmare. You end up eating Burger King three times a day. I won't be doing that again.

    • Chandra West: My death scene in "The Salton Sea" is really weird. I mean, I get shot in the head. What experience can you possibly draw from? There's nothing you can compare it to, really.

    • Chandra West: When I was five years old, I told my parents that I wanted to take ballet. So ballet was the focus of my life…until puberty. Then I discovered boys and started dating a guy with a mohawk who'd come to my ballet class and freak everybody out. Shortly after that is when I quit.

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  • She has such a cute face.

    After seeing her on "Earth: Final Conflict" I decided to check out more of her movies and TV appearances, since she was so gorgeous. I even decided to use her looks for my RPG character, because I really loved her facial features. I'd love to see her with dark hair, though. I've seen her in different roles and obviously the girl has talent as well as beauty. I wish she had a bigger role on "Earth: Final Conflict" as well as "CSI" because she was good in both of them. Actually, if they put her on "Earth" instead of "what's her face" in season 3, the show wouldn't have become so lame.moreless
  • I was so sad when she died on CSI as Holly Gribbs! She was truly very charming.

    Silly Warrick, left Holly alone in the house! Not silly, stupid! To do what? Gamble?!?! Agghh! Right, this is about Chandra West, not Holly Gribbs or Warrick(I'm a big CSI fan).

    Chandra West was very adorable when she was on CSI! I think everyone fell in love with her. She is a great and talented actress in my opinion. She was a great asset to the show for a short period of time. I wish she could somehow come back, like not in that freaky come back from the dead kinda way, but be like a lab tech or something...I don't know.

    She was a lovely asset to the show and I hope to see her on the television more in the near future. :)moreless