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Channing Tatum

Forums: Channing Tatum Board: He has a new movie!

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    Stop-Loss and it looks really good. Channing has done such a good job I am so proud of him! I f you have not seen the trailer then you should check it out!

    Here is the trailer!

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    Yea! I saw this movie earlier tonight with my friends. We all thought it was really good -- and he looked SO GOOD in that uniform!!! Ha ha ha. But it was pretty sad too, especially for me since my big brother is in the Air Force and he did actually did a tour in Iraq just a couple months ago and he's going back in May for another (his own decision believe it or not). He's not out in the field like they were in the movie, instead he's on base, but still, watching something like this really makes you think the worst. It's just scary.
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