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  • Have never seen him act but....

    He is a handsome man. He is also a wonderful person.
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    Good And Talented Actor... I like Channing He is Know rolls.
  • Sexy, Everything about you so sexy!

    What can I say about Channing Tatum? Channing is a great actor. i think he is very talented, but also very hot! I have seen Channing Tatum is a few things the movie "Step Up" and "Coach Carter" I thought he was amazing in both of these films. i would love to see him in alot more movies and shows. Channing Tatum is gorgeous. For looks i give him 10/10 and for acting 9/10. He is awesome. All in all Channing Tatum is a very talented actor and a hot one i must say, but I want to see him in alot more movies like I said before. He is awesome!
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    channing tatum is so cool. i love his movies step up and shes the man. he rocks
  • Hot Hot Hot!

    Like the Summary says. Hot Hot Hot! This guy is sooo hot! I first noticed him in the film "Shes The Man" when I saw it in the cinema and thought he wass soooo cute that I had to have a piece for myself so bought in on dvd. Hehe. But I love the film aswell and it is really funny and good. And did I mention, Hes Hot in it!! I know he was in Step Up! Aswell bt that movie didnt really appeal to me so I didnt see it. See its not all about the looks. Hes really talented aswell. Yes, really good actor. So anyways .. I have one word left which is. HOT!
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    I normally only write positive things for actors but I just couldn't resist. This guy is painful to watch. I get the fact he's a good lookin' dude but holy crap, it's as if he's trying to be awful. I've seen three movies with him and I keep trying to give him the benefit of the doubt....a mistake I always pay for.
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    Channing Tatum is absolutely the hottest actor out right now and he is also amazingly talented. I can't wait to see him in his new movies Stop-Loss, Battle in Seattle, Parkour, and Dear John.
  • oh so hot!

    I never seen his film with Amanda Byrnes but recently i watched step up and he was amazing in it! He is such a great dancer andn he is sooo sexy to look at! When i watched step up i was thinking what is he in..where have i seen him before and then like an hour later i realised it was Coach Carter.I love that film! I think Channing will be a huge star because hes really famous now and hes still so young! Hes a great actor with good looks and a hot body! what more do you want! :)
  • The Next Brad Pitt.

    Channing Tatum is drop dead gorgeous! He is such a phenominal dancer and a fantastic actor. He is beautiful you can't help but look.

    I saw him in 'She's The Man' and 'Step Up' and I think he could be the next Brad Pitt. He has the good looks, the fantastic body and the great acting skills.

    Channing is so sexy. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him in 'She's the Man'. He's almost too gorgeous to be humanly possible.

    I love Channing Tatum and if he was actually doing his own dancing in 'Step Up,' which I think he did, he could make it big on dancing. He is he next triple threat; dancing, acting and modeling. CHANNING TATUM is SOOOO FIIIIINE!
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    uhm, may i start by saying that channing tatum is THE hottest guy alive? i think so. and not only that, he can act, is in my favorite movie (shes the man), and has some dancing talent in step up, another amazing movie. really, is he every girls dream or what?
  • Love his work =)

    Channing is so gorgeous, and i think he is an amazing actor. He was lookin soooo fine in Step Up. Boy i wish i could dance with him. Although, him and Jenna do make a cute couple i might saddly add, lol. I wish he could act in more shows, and so i can see him on tv more often, he is very talented. It be pretty cool if he went on "so you think you can dance" i would love to see him on there. Maybe, someday. If anyone knows if he's in anything new or any kind of series of shows, lol, let me know!
  • Shows he is able to do more than just model. He takes the scene beyond the ordinary actor also.

    He can act. Like nobody could teach this... a natural leading man actor. Look at the different characters he has taken on during the films he is in, like Supercross, She\'s The Man, and Step Up.
    Channing breaks and styles the character and lines, well far past some Hollywood stars who are one dimensional on the set.
    Only a matter of time until his talent becomes more in demand. Let us just say that Hollywood movie producers had better take a look at what he brings to the scene, and paint their sets with some gold tones while they are still able to afford him.
  • Ahh, Channing is a hottie, great actor, and phenomenal dancer in the movie Step Up! : )

    Okay, so I recently saw the movie Step Up, for the second time (the first time being in theaters this summer), and I loved it as much as the first time I saw it! For not being a professional dancer, Channing did a phenomenal job dancing in the movie! He was so great, especially in te dance at the end of the movie! Through out the movie, he had to be trusted by Nora Clark, who was a talented dancer (in real life, and in the movie), in order to dance. I loved this movie because Channing, who played Tyler Gage, went from street boy to doing something he actually cared about, and it wasn't easy for him. I loved the on-screen chemistry he had with Jenna Dewan (Nora), and I am glad they got to do a movie together. Channing was also great in the movie "She's the Man"... which was hilarious! I hope he continues to do more work in the dancing/comedy department! Oh, and we can't forget: He's a hottie with a nice body! : )
  • channing tatum is the hottest man to ever walk the planet!!!!!!!!!

    channing tatum is definetly the hottest man ever! i love all of his movies! and for an abercromie model he has so much talent and its just really amazing! She's the Man is definelty my favorite movie of his because i think he and amanda bynes have the best chemistry and they would do really well in any movie that they do. i cant wait til his new movie comes out and you can count on it that i will be first in line at the movie theatre. he is truly an amazing man that has alot of talent !
  • he is sooooooo freaking hot!

    i cant put into words channing tatum! he is just so fine. He is a model that deserves to be in more pictures then he is. His acting career has just gone through the roof! he is such a diverse actor from romance/comedy drama and action! i adore him he is one of my favorite people and i idolise him! even though he considers himself "white trash" he is the most politess man. he also is sucha a terrific dancer. Shes the man is hillarious and step up is such a good movie! in so many ways he is perfect to me.
  • oh my my my my my god He is so Fn hot

    WoW and i mean WOW Channing is so so so sexy can't even say what i think when i look at him cos it's all dirty. I just what to thank whoever it is that makes it so that in every movie i seen him in he is not wearing a shirt I mean really really Thank you :-) oh and having him in a towel like in both coach carter and she's the Man was, is and alway will be a very very good idea i love those arm and that voice and all of that that is Channing oh and i do think he is a good actor and a kick ass dancer and all that too. He is a very very talent Men/Sex god
  • woah

    channing tatum is really hot and talented. he is also really funny. in she's the man he had a lot of funny moments. one was when he hit malcomn in the back of the head with the towel haha . another was when he had the tampon in his nose hahah. he is really talented. he is an amazing soccer player. from what i've seen in the previews for step up, he seems to be an amazing dancer too. he had such a nice body. great muscles and that six pack. oh my god! he is soooooo so so hot!! i love channing!
  • my eyes have never seen anything more beautiful...

    whoo wee! the first time i saw this piece of heaven he was on "she's the man" and since i love soccer and soccer players... im breathless... he's so hot!!! even tho he's not a real soccer player, he's a model! and i so wanna see his next movie "step up"

    well, now then. i am a fan of channing tatum now. and im not gonna stop being a fan of his. he's so hot. me and my best friend love this guy so much. he is a very talented person to me. and again. i love him so much.
  • If I picked GORGEOUS, it's because "making me drool" was not in the choice!!! He's the pure definition of hotness! ;)

    First of all, his a model!!! Ladies we all know what that means...GREAT BODY right there! He's in my top ten of the most beautiful bodies un hollywood and he totaly deserves his place!!
    Next, his a great actor. Not yet on top but he'll surely will be. I've first noticed him in Coach Carter, not only because he was the only white guy in the team (LOL), but also because he had some good acting skills. I then thought to myself that he probably had some past experiences (on the big screen) but NO!!! He was just incredibly great.

    I hope we will get to see him in a lots of upcoming movies.
    I'm sure Hollywood got some more place for a wonderful actore like him. :)
  • Doesn't he look like Wentworth Miller from Prison Break?

    When I first saw the 'She's the man' trailer, I was certain that the lead actor playing Duke was Wentworth Miller. Boy, was I wrong!

    I found out in that the persona Duke is played by an Abercrombie and Fitch model Channing Tatum, who also stared in 'Coach Carter', movie starring Samuel Jackson.

    Both actors are like separeted twins or something. They look really alike, but it's a good thing. Two handsome and talented young men. Not only they have the body of a god, but the face as well. LOL!

  • cahnning is a hottie with a body

    I knew when i saw him we had something in common same birth month april
    He is a great actor for me ecspecially in the mov ie shes the man when amanda kept on saying thsoe weird girly comments about him or two and he had those weird expressions funny plus i loved the way he was so mucho but also sensitive
    Go channing!! gO Go gO !!!!
  • Channing Tatum is drop-dead gorgeous in the movie Coach Carter. He looks HOT through the entire movie especially in the scene where he\'s in the Locker Room dancing,cheering for Richmond.

    The movie Coach Carter is really good. All the guys in the movie are FINE especially Channing Tatum among other. Rick Gonzalez, Channing Tatum, Robert Richard, Antwon Tanner, Nana Gbewanyo & Rob Brown are fine from begining to end. All the guys are drop dead gorgeous, they are all cute. they are all HOT.
  • like coach carter said....... he is ssssssshhhh....ssssssteaming hottt!!!


    like coach carter said.......

    he is ssssssshhhh....ssssssteaming hottt!!!

    channing tatum absolutely hot!!!

    he's body, eyes, smile, everything!!!

    he can dance, act, palying basketball...

    he is absolutely sexy hot charming guy i've ever seen!!!

    never find hot guy like him...

    thank god you made him!!!

    please make so many movie with him as main actor...

    i will watch that movie over and over and over again!!!

  • You are a very beautiful man.

    You are the most GORGEOUS man I have ever seen. Simply put I don\'t one woman in her right mind that doesn\'t agree with me. You keep up the good work. Stay beautiful and make sure i get to see you a lot more on television that is. I Love you.
  • Channing Tatum is sexy head to toe and i just loved him in Coach Carter when he was in the locker room and he was dancing and cheering for Richmand, his towel was fixing to fall right off... of course im not that perverted though.

    I\'ve always loved Channing Tatum! I adore him... he is so0o0o cute! I have pictures of him every where... any that i can get my hands on. Him and Eminem are my favorite guys out of models, singers, actors, etc. They are everywhere, in my room, in my locker, on my binders and notebooks, anything you can think of. Ofcource my 3 favorite movies are 8 Mile, Coach Carter, and Supercross, only because they are in it. Seriously, i think that i am one of his greatest fans and even though he hasn\'t blwon up like Eminem has i have just as much of him as i do of Eminem. Call me crazy, but hes hot!!
  • What A Hottie !

    OMG he is so hot especially when they are doing suicides and push-ups! And I give him a 10 when he is in the locker room with only a TOWEL. He has gorgeous eyes. So hot lol. well he is. He was a very good actor for this movie. Oh My God. Hot Body too. lol cya later
  • Perfect!

    I think this is the most perfect man i have ever seen in my whole life. he is a terrific model and actor. i dont think there is any one out there that is more gorgeous then this man is. He is outstanding. I have seen so much of his work and I have loved every bit of it. If i had the oppurtunity to meet this man i would in a heart beat. I am so serious there is no other man on this planet that could ever compare to Channing Tatum! he is to die for! I love this man!
  • Thank the lord we have him. When he was in Coach Carter in the locker room that towel was fen to fly off of him!!!! OMG!!!

    Thank the lord we have him. When he was in Coach Carter and in the locker room that towel was fen to fly off when he was dancin'. How can one guy look soooo fine!!! I love whenn he try to look all hard a stuff it is soooo adorable!!!
  • Jesus Christ this guy is SMOKING!!!!!!

    Jesus Christ this guy is SMOKING!!!!!! OMFG I am sooooooooo in love with Channing Tatum, I remember when he first came on the screen in the movie Coach Carter I was like Who is This Guy???Because he is sooooo f***in HOT!!! I just wish he was more well known cuz like nobody I know even knows who he is :(
  • he is soo beautiful in the movie coach carter. omggg especially when he was dancing in the locker room and just his towel on :-0 .. i loveeee himmm

    he is soo beautiful in the movie coach carter. omggg especially when he was dancing in the locker room and just his towel on :-0 .. i loveeee himmm
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