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  • Give Charisma Carpenter her own show. Charisma Carpenter is a beautiful a and great actress. She should get more respect than what she has gotten in Hollywood.

    Give Charisma Carpenter her own show. Charisma Carpenter is a beautiful and a great actress. She should get more respect than what she has gotten in Hollywood. Charisma Carpenter played in Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Cordelia Chase a rich stuck up High school girl who helps Buffy and the gang get rid of vampires. I loved Charisma Carpenter in Buffy she played the mean Cordelia Chase who thought she was better than everyone else. Her attitude and her sayings were just so funny all she would just talk about herself. Charisma was in 140 total episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Charisma reprised he role has Cordelia Chase in the Spin off of Buffy in Angel. Along side Angel(David Boreanaz) the Vampire who fell in love with Buffy Charisma fought evil as a assistant private detective. She should get he own show.
  • charisma Carpenter is so charming and beautiful and she is a great actress.

    Charisma Carpenter as such a gentle vibe about her and she is so brillant when it comes to acting out the emotions I feel Charisma really shows her true character in Angel and you see how she develops that character in her acting she becomes more caring whilst she is acting in Angel I can always remember the old Cordelia in Buffy really loved herself. so I feel having the chance to move from Buffy to Angel really showed off Charisma Skills she really is one of the classic actresses to me and she is really gorgeous and her acting is charming.
  • She is so hot

    I love her, I love her, I love her, she is an absolutely beautiful human being, ok I'm done with my obsession, anyways in Angel Charisma plays Cordelia a very hot actress well trying to become in actress, but ends up playing a huge part in Angel Investigations. Years pass by and she eventually dies.
  • Charisma Carpenter is a very good actress.

    Charisma Carpenter is a very good actress. Charisma Carpenter is very good at what she does. I think she could be Wonderwoman in the Wonderwoman movie, because she looks like she could be Wonderwoman. Charisma Carpenter was good on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Veronica Mars. Charisma Carpenter is one of the best actresses that I know, because she is very good at acting. I know that she wants to be Wonderwoman because, she wants to work with Joss Whedon again and wants to kick some butt again since she has not one that since season four of Angel. Charisma Carpenter is Joss Whedon's second choice for Wonderwoman and wants her to do it if Sarah Michelle Gellar can not do it.
  • Cordelia from 'Buffy'

    Charisma is gorgeous, but also talented. She played the role of Cordelia in 'Buffy' and she also was a guest star in 'Charmed'. I hope that she will make a lot of new movies and hit the big screen!!!!! I liked her role of Cordelia in 'Buffy', but I was sad when she left. She continued to work in 'Angel' show...
  • I love Charisma!

    To be shock, I didn't notice Charisma Carpenter until she appear in Playboy Magazine! She pictorial is not only very hot, she grab my attention, and she grab it good. Here is this hot whom I hadn't notice before, even on "Buffy the Vampire slayer." And I notice her in Playboy Magazine. that's where I was in love with her. she is very hot and sexy. Every time shew appear on "Veronica Mars," I had to see her doing what she loves to do the best, play sexy. She plays a very seductive character and she plays her character very well. she's hot! Take my word for it!
  • Cordy's charm

    I can't say enough about how charming Cordelia is. After years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer being the antagonist of the scooby gang we really got to see her charm come out on the spin off series Angel. It was such a pleasure to watch her grow and become an even greater character then she had been.
  • OK, maybe giving her a show is a bit over it, although in Angel he almost had her own show so she had practice.

    I love Cordelia in Buffy, the b*tch with a heart and in Angel the character really has grown a lot, too bad she had to die, but I think Charisma did that very gracefully. And it was lovely to see her again in Charmed and Veronica, though I seem to get the feeling that she gets to wear les clothes each time I see her. It was great that she had visions in Charmed and even greater to see a glimpse of the old Cordelia in Kendall Cassablancas. It\'s too bad that she does seem to play the same part again, but she plays it so well and I think it\'s pretty amazing to see her play an extremely hot 25 year old at the age of 36.
  • Fantastic

    I love miss Carpenter.

    She works it out with everything, even when she has a bad script she still gives what she can.

    First time I met her was on Buffy the vampire slayer, and man she rocked.

    As it continued she went to Angel and her chaarcter Cordelia Chase became one of my most beloved, infact my most beloved female character on television.

    Charisma succeeded when she was a B!tch, then when she had a lot of visions and so on, even as evil and pregnant it worked.

    Other than that i've seen her on Charmed, Veronica Mars and two movies.

    I wish her the best of luck with her future career, she deserves it.

    Even as a playboy star she still shined and didn't looked whore-ish
  • Fiesty, self-centered, sassy, hilarious CORDELIA CHASE

    "So, whatever's causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it. 'Cause pretty soon you're not even gonna have the loser friends you've got now."
    "How about because you're a tiny, impotent Nazi with a bug up his butt the size of an emu?"
    "Look Buffy. You might be hot stuff when it comes to demonology or whatever. But when it comes to dating, I'm the Slayer."
    Just a few memories...
  • Love Me

    Charisma’s first major role on television was “Cordelia Chase” on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where she played the typical high school b!tch. After a three year contract next to Sarah Michelle Gellar, she moved to L.A to become the co-star on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” very own spin-off, “Angel”.

    “Angel” was a real character-developer for Charisma. We watch her steadily move from being spoiled and un-sympathetic to the caring, lovable “Cordelia” we know today.

    So we know she’s got the acting skills, but Carpenter has also appeared in a lot of men’s magazines modelling for such names as ‘Playboy’.

    Now that “Angel” has ended, Charisma is beginning to pursue other aspects of the media. Her acting skills are ‘one-of-a-kind’ and I know I will be looking forward to seeing future work from Charisma.
  • what a nice good looking woman. she is the best of the best co-stars in the world. she should have spun off her own show. she was real bitchy on buffy but quieted down on angel. she was quite quirky on charmed and got killed because of it talk much.

    she has been on a lot of my shows. she was on buffy for a long time then she went to angel and was on his band wagon. she has been the seer on charmed and if you wait she might be on some of the other series i watch.
  • She\'s an amazing actress and she\'s beautiful.

    When Charisma first entered my life (via the television screen) she was playing one of my most hated characters on Buffy-lol. But I grew to love her more and more each episode. She grew into such a talented actress. And then when she left Buffy and went on Angel she transformed her character even more. Charisma is totally on my \"great actress\" list :)
  • The hottest women in the world, easily...oh and shes a good actress too she was great in angel and buffy and is soon to be appearing in veronica mars.

    The hottest women in the world, easily...oh and shes a good actress too she was great in angel and buffy and is soon to be appearing in veronica mars.Much hotter than her co-stars sarah michelle gellar,eliza dushku(tru calling shouldnt of been cancelled),alyson hannigan and better actresses than them too. james wilson
  • Charisma Carpenter is easily recognized as Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She also boasts rather a lot of guest roles.

    If Charisma Carpenter didn't have "charisma" I don't think she would have made it into the Hollywood world like she did.

    She originally tried out for the role of Buffy which we all know went to Sarah Michelle Gellar. The casting people wanted her to be Cordelia, which she was unprepared for. But without any preparation for that particular character she got the job. And for a succession of three seasons she played the fashion plate, snotty almost inhuman Cordelia Chase. She moved on to Angel, the show's spin off still playing that same character. She's had innumerable guest roles and I wouldn't be too surprised if she scored some more.

    I would like to see her for a main part, not just a recurring one though. She's very good at being a looking-down-on-you-the-world-circulates-around-just-me type of girl. Much better than other actresses who had the sort of role. Since I've only seen her in dramas I wonder what she would do for comedy.
  • What a Hottie, and she is also a quality actress.

    Charisma Carpenter, is a really good actress. She stared in the Buffy/Angel Saga, as Cordelia Chase, she did cameos in another WB Show, playing another seer in the show Charmed. She also did cameos in Boy Meets World. She is a really good actress and I hope that she does more.

    In Buffy she played this really stuck up rich girl who dated alot. Untill ofcorse she met Xander, who kinda swept her and then she was impailed and broke up with him. Then her "Life was runed". She was such a mean spirited girl in that show. Then when High School ended she along with David Boreanaz, moved to a new show.

    On Angel she reprised her role as the stuck up but now poor failing actress Cordelia. She meets Angel and is not exactly nice. But of corse Joss makes it work, and she starts to become nice. Being good with half demon, friend Doyle and takes his visions from the Powers that be, after he Be no more. (Even though I hate puns, I thought that was a good one...Yet I still hate them). Then Cordelia becomes more human, falling in love with Angel in another epic Will they won't they, that rivaled the first 1 and a half seasons of Buffy with SMG. Then she got Groiny with a "cow" from another demention that was the big champion and then he leaves her. And finaly she sleeps with Angels son and then slips into a comma. She was such a great caracter it was to bad that she did not stay the length of the show.

    I can only hope that she continues to make great shows, and movies. And maybe she can pose for Playboy again.

    "Quote Nevermore"