Charity Shea





Denver, Colorado, USA

Birth Name




Charity was born in Denver, Colorado, USA and is best known as Samantha Best in "The Best Years" and Justin Timberlake's love interest, Sabrina Pope in "Alpha Dog."

After graduating from High School, Charity lived a nomadic lifestyle and was constantly moving. She lived in Idaho, Hawaii, and Paris, before deciding to move back home in Colorado.

Charity decided to get a better education and studied Theater Studies at a local college, while enjoying the leisurely life of snowboarding.

She soon realized that her true ambition was acting and decided to head off to Los Angeles. Without telling her friends, family, or her finacé she left Colorado with only the clothes on her back, her Dodge, and a map to lead her to Los Angeles.

It did not take long for Charity to find work. She landed her break out role on the HBO series, "Entourage," and the role of a lifetime, starring opposite Justin Timberlake in "Alpha Dog."

Charity resides in Los Angeles and spends her time snowboarding, swimming, traveling, and motorcycle riding.