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Charla Baklayan Faddoul, Charla Baklayan
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Charla is a store owner from Maryland. She competed in The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race 11, with her cousin Mirna Hindoyan.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Charla ran The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race All-Stars with her cousin Mirna.

    Charla is the only midget to have ever run the race and is a part of one of only three female teams to reach the Top 3 of The Amazing Race.

    Charla ia an Armenian American born in Syria. She can speak a lot of languages including English, Armenian, Spanish and Arabic.

    Charla went on The Amazing Race 5 to prove to the world that small people can do anything. She certainly did when she and Mirna finished second three times throughout the course of the race, before finishing sixth.

    In The Amazing Race All-Stars, she returned to give the race another shot. This time, she performed tasks that people of regular height would find difficult and she race her way with Mirna into third place. However, they won two consecutive legs and managed to beat out rivals Rob & Amber in the fourth leg of the race.

    Charla is my favourite person to ever have run The Amazing Race.moreless
  • A very successful underdog who makes the show so much more interesting

    She really made season 5 of The Amazing Race. It was easy to route for her because she was the underdog with a disadvantage and she tried harder than anyone else in the race. It was great to see her overcome so much and even take on a leadership role on her team. On both season 5 and allstars it was great to see her somehow manage to make it through each week. She also provided an element of comedy to the show, with the way her and her cousin interacted. Some people did not like her because she was annoying and hyprocritical but I thought it was great to see her overcome the near impossible.moreless