Charlene Holt




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A very striking beauty, Charlene Holt understandably attracted the attention of ace director Howard Hawks, who once described her as "dangerous - attractively so". He put her in three of his films in quick succession - "Man's Favourite Sport" in 1964, "Red Line 7000" in 1965 and "El Dorado" in 1967. Yet, though she seemed to be a logical successor to such previous Hawksian heroines as Lauren Bacall and Angie Dickinson, she then just faded from the scene and subsequently had only a handful of TV guest shots (and a very small role in "Melvin And Howard" in 1980). Hawks could get rather cold and distant when interviewers mentioned her, but he never went on the record as to why he'd abandoned plans to make her a star. Maybe she was just a little too dangerous, even for him.