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    These are all from his "Inside the NBA" pregame and postgame show on TNT.

    1. When David Blaine was doing that thing were he held his breathe for over 7 minutes underwater, Charles thought he could do better. So they got him a bucket filled with water and he put his head in. They had an officialtimer and everything. I think he lasted 15 seconds. But he claimed it was unfair, because, "Kenny made me laugh!!"

    2. Charles was being really rough on Kobe for everythingKobe did. So to show there were no bad feelings, Kobe, on the show, had them each given a Playstation 3. Charles couldn't believe it. Then he said, "Hey Kobe, you don't pass enough. Now gimme a Xbox360!"

    3. When Charles said he is going to run for governor of Alabama, hahahaha.

    4. When Charles said he could run a suicide faster than that really old ref. Then on All-Star weekend they raced, lol. Charles barely won.

    5. After one game they were all sitting around talking, Ernie, Kenny, Charles, and Magic. Charles was saying he could play in today's NBA. Then Kenny said he couldn't even run up a flight of stairs in 60 seconds. So Charles took the challenge. He left the booth, ran across the court, up the stairs, down the stairs, and back up to the booth. It took him 56 seconds. Afterwards, completely out of breath after his 1 minute run, he declared, "See Kenny.... I could.... still play..... in the NBA."

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