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  • Charles should be there to provide the news. As you can see, having favorites do not work. And saying that the Wizards are the dumbest team in the NBA for making the second best player in the NBA mad (your opinion), I feel was not in your job duties.

    We all how the wizards proved you wrong, by coming home and destroying Cleaveland. Like Lebron said, a series isnt won until someone wins on someone elses court. As for Soldier Boy, thats who Stevenson likes. One of the older commentators said that he loves Soldier Boy and has all his records and knows all his dances. Like you said, if players want to dictate how much time they get, they should get thier own team. Well I think if you want to talk about NBA teams, then maybe you should get your own team. And as for the you cant see me move, You never commented on Lebron and Damon hitting the ball out the park. Obviously they couldnt see him knocking down them threes. lol. And lastley, You should have spent just as much time talking about how the Wizards blew Cleaveland out as you did when Cleaveland blew out Washington. One thing that I always remember Coach Billick (the Balt. Ravens) saying is that all these players are pros and are getting paid to be pros. Some may be better then others, but thats why you play the game.