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  • Now I can comfortably address you as "Sir" after seeing and hearing ya last night. As far as I am concerned you have redeemed yo'self since I wrote about you in my book, Cosmic Consciousness: Do-It-Yourself Manual, Chapter 7...

    Yo Sir Charles,

    Now I can comfortably address you as "Sir" after seeing and hearing ya at the DNC last night. As far as I am concerned YOU have redeemed yo'self since I wrote about you in my book Cosmic Consciousness: Do-It-Yourself Manual, Chapter "7. Political and Controlling Elite Power Frauds" beginning with the last sentence on page 141 "Charles Barkley vs. Harry Belafonte." Besides yo "redemption" statements broadcast at the '08 DNC last night - Tuesday 8/26/08, I see that you have written several books and done some other 'thangs' that compels me to tell ya I need to do an update on what I wrote 'bout ya in the first paragraph of page 142 "Charles Wade Barkley, whose only claim to fame and material wealth is that he was, statistically, a great basketball player in the NBA…" Yes, I acknowledge that you, personally and individually, have moved well beyond the "Dream Team" - and the most recent "Redeem Teem."

    Congratulations Brother Man, Sir Charles!!! I can now tell you, and anybody else, that all of the evidence that I have access to proves that YOU are one of the rare people among the human species, past and present, who courageously and intelligently studies, and does the 'homework' that facilitates an evolving of personal and individual conscious awareness, which manifest as practical knowledge that you and all of the rest of us can benefit from, whether any Homo 'sap' is aware of that fact or not - in addition to my cheers to ya for being enshrined in the Naismath Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame as player in 2006, yo illustrious broadcast career, charities, and all…

    Even tho' I heard ya 'fess-up' last night 'bout "I'm rich," I'm still offering ya a gift copy of my book. If ya want it, e-mail me to let me know an e-mail address for you that I can send ya the link to download yo copy.

    You sealed the deal with me about the evolution of your thinking with yo public announcement last night that you would not be *voting for a Republican. As I understand it, because of your caring about those who are less fortunate then yourself. Which you also gave as the main reason that YOU are considering running to be the Governor of Alabama, after clearly enunciating the major problems that many to most of the citizens of Alabama are plagued with, unnecessarily. *[Does that mean that Clarence Thomas won't be yo golfing buddy any more?:)]

    As to the dilemma that you are confronted with in regards to helping the people who need the help the most, in Alabama, by entering the political race to become the Governor, although you are well aware of the fact, as YOU publicly stated last night, "Both parties are so corrupt, and I would rather run as an Independent, but I know I wouldn't stand much of a chance like that." Maybe not yo exact words, but essentially what ya said – and what the truth is. As the Founder of and Minister for YOUtopia INstitute, I can help ya with that dilemma with a non-political way of proceeding with that endeavor. Let me know if you are interested in learning about my plan for that mission. Plus dat, you ain't got no embarrassing restraining order against ya for stalking no beautiful, super talented, intelligent young woman.:)

    In any event,
    Best regards - Up and on straight-ahead.
    With The POWER of LOVE Strong & Fair,
    Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD
    Vishnu aspect
    Aka: The Cosmic Detective & Cosmic D
    Founder & Minister