Charles "Bud" Tingwell

Charles "Bud" Tingwell


1/3/1923, Coogee, New South Wales, Australia



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Charles Tingwell, Bud Tingwell
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    • Charles starred in all four of the films in the Miss. Marple series starring Margaret Rutherford, playing the part of Inspector Craddock.

    • Charles was on a celebrity edition of the quiz show Temptation, where he was teamed up with his daughter Virginia.

    • Charles hosted the first season of 20 To 1, before being replaced by Bert Newton. Charles has now come back to the show for its fourth season as one its many celebrity interviewees.

    • In 2002 he had a role as John Conroy in the musical stage production of The Man From Snowy River, which toured all of the Australian capital cities twice.

    • Charles has stated that he was always grateful for the time he spent filming The Castle, as it helped him to cope with the loss of his wife.

    • In 1997 he gained what many people consider his best role, when he starred in the Australian comedy movie The Castle, playing the role of Lawrence Hammill. Prior to starring in this film, his acting career had almost reached its end, but following the success of The Castle, his career has undergone a revival.

    • In 1994 Charles was awarded a Gold Logie Hall of Fame award.

    • Charles returned to Australia from England in 1973, where he then landed a role in the long running crime show Homicide.

    • In 1957, Charles received his first recurring television role in the live television serial Emergency Ward 10, where he played Australian surgeon, Alan Dawson.

    • In 1956 he moved from Australia to live in England.

    • His acting talents managed to draw the attention of Hollywood, which saw him land a starring role in the 1952 movie The Desert Rats, which also starred James Mason and Richard Burton.

    • His much dreamt about acting career began in 1946 when he landed a role in the movie Smithy, in which he played a control tower officer.

    • He married his childhood sweetheart, Audrey, upon his return from fighting in the Second World War.

    • He was a pilot who saw action during World War II, where he ran photographic reconnaissance missions.

    • His father encouraged him to become an accountant. However he failed the entrance exam.

    • He hosted the first series of the countdown programme 20 To 1, before Bert Newton took over as host. He has subsequently appeared on the show as one of the celebrities providing their personal opinions about the night's list.

    • He is considered an Australian movie veteran, having acted in over one hundred movies, his first in 1946.

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