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  • The little tramp, poor and sometimes dishonest, but always loveable.

    Quite possibly the greatest comic who has ever graced the earth. Chaplin took screen comedy to a whole new plane, often tying in social, political, or religious significance into funny films. This is a trait all but lost on the comedy pictures of today. Although his personal life was ridden with broken marraiges, and affairs and scandals of every sort, this never stopped him from producing high class, quality films. Many of the films dealt with issues that were far ahead of their time, such as drugs and sex. This proves just how great a master of comedy Charlie Chaplin was. No one can ever surpass him.
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    One of the best simply. I really like him in comedies like The Great Dictator or Modern Times, he was a really good actor, and he certainly give the comedy style and a lot other movies a different way of looking at them, really he was a very good actor and he was simply one of the best of his era.
  • As classic as you can get.

    Charles Chaplin was an awesome actor,for his time way,way,way back in the late 1800's 0.o.I still watch his classic shows,on IFC channel sometimes.He is one of the all greatests because he is one of the first people,to be even on tv.(kind of haha).Why is most of the people i review dead now..?..O well i guess i like the old classic films a little to much eh?I was going to buy the DVD set on all of this shows but,for some odd reason i didn't,i forget why now.Anyways he's one of my favorite people as well cause he pretty well invented comedy as we know it.