Charles Coburn





6/19/1877 , Savannah, Georgia, USA



Birth Name

Charles Douville Coburn




Charles Coburn was an accomplished film and theater actor from Macon, Georgia. As a teenager, he frequented the local playhouse and made spending money handing out programs, ushering guests and doing janitorial work. By age 18, he was the general manager of the Savannah Theater. After several years as the manager, Coburn pursued his interest in acting. He made his Broadway debut in 1901, when he was 24 years old. Five years later, he married actress Ivah Wills; the couple stayed married until her death in 1935. After she died, Coburn moved to the West Coast and eagerly pursued a film career. In 1943, he appeared as Cupid in "The More the Merrier;" for this he was nominated for the Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actor category. Although he appeared in several dramas, Charles Coburn is remembered primarily as a comic actor with impeccable timing and an infectious smile. Two years before he died, Coburn married Winifred Natzka; he was 82 years old.