Charles Gray





8/29/1928 , Bournemouth, Hampshire, England



Birth Name

Donald Marshall Gray




Gray was born Donald Marshall Gray on August 29th 1928 in Bournemouth, Hants, UK.
He made his stage debut as Charles the Wrestler in "As You Like It". He was credited as Charles Gray but there was already a one-armed actor named Donald Gray (hence the change in forename).
In the 1960s Charles Gray started building up his profile by appearing in many films and productions including ...
Man in the Moon Producers' Showcase - Romeo and Juliet The Moon and Sixpence Tommy the Toreador Heart of a Child I Accuse! Frau Namens Harry, Eine. In 1967 Gray appeared in his first James Bond film playing Bond's contact in Japan, and in 1971 Gray appeared in the biggest film of his career, Diamonds Are Forever, as the greatest bond villan of all time Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
Gray also appeared in all these productions: The Jazz Age Play of the Month Asquith in Orbit The Closed Shop Cromwell The Executioner.
During this stage of his career he had one of his more famous roles as The Criminologist (the narrator) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 1999 Gray made his last acting appearance in Madson and The Mazarin Stone. On March 7th 2000 Charles Gray died of cancer.