Charles Hallahan





7/29/1943 , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Birth Name

Charles John Hallahan




Charles Hallahan was born July 29, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1972, Hallahan graduated from Temple University with a Master's of Fine Arts degree. Shortly after graduation, he moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to begin an acting career. In Los Angeles, he began to appear in stage productions, and eventually branched into television and film. Many of the roles Hallahan portrayed on the big screen and the small screen were cop characters. During his career, he played both good and bad cop characters. His film debut was in the 1979 film Nightwing. However, he is best known for his role of a vulcanologist, Paul Dreyfuss, in the 1997 action thriller Dante's Peak. Other films that Hallahan has appeared in include Silkwood, Kidco, Executive Decision, The Thing and Going in Style. Television series that Hallahan has appeared in include Hunter, Hill Street Blues, Grace Under Fire and The Paper Chase. Charles Hallahan died of a heart attack on November 25, 1997, in Los Angeles, California.