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Charles Malik Whitfield


Charles Malik Whitfield Fan Reviews (1)

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  • I am only reviewing Charles because of his work as Special Agent Hendrickson, so if you were looking for something else, sorry.

    Charles Malik Whitfield is just so awesome! I mean, I only know his work in 'Supernatural' as Special Agent Victor Hendrickson, but from what I saw of him in that was just great!! First when we see him in 'Nightshifter', I knew he would pop up again, because he played his role so well! All the wise-ass comments and the determination was all really fantastic. So a few more episodes down the track in 'Folsom Prison Blues' he comes in as a guest star again! As soon as I read his name on the credits, I knew we were in for a great episode, and a great episode it was!! Can't wait to see more of Hendrickson in season 3, he rocks!