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Charles McGraw





5/10/1914 , New York, NY



Birth Name

Charles Butters




Charles McGraw was an American film actor from Des Moines, Iowa, who was born on May 10th, 1914. His birth name was Charles Butters, but the aspiring actor quickly changed his last name to McGraw because he felt that it sounded more masculine, rugged and assertive. His first film appearance was an uncredited cameo in 1942; however, McGraw soon developed into a leading man who was in demand for his commanding voice and engaging screen presence. Most of his roles were policemen or mobsters. He also appeared in many television productions, including the series "Adventures of the Falcon" and a television adaptation of the film Casablanca. McGraw was married to Freda Choy Kitt until her death in 1967; the couple had one child. Charles McGraw passed away on July 30th, 1980, from injuries he sustained in a fall at home. The 66 year old actor slipped on his tiled bathroom floor and crashed through his glass shower door, mortally wounding himself.