Charles Mesure

Charles Mesure


8/12/1970, Somerset, England, UK

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Charles Mesure


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  • Marcia Cross and Charles Mesure on Despe...
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Charles originally went to school to study law, but later graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting) in 1995. He has acted, directed, designed, and written upwards of thirty productions for the Sydney University Drama Society while studying law…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Charles was nominated for "Best Actor" for his role of DS Zane Gerard on Outrageous Fortune at the TV Guide Best On The Box Peoples' Choice Awards.

    • In season five, Charles joined the cast of Outrageous Fortune as the crooked cop DS Zane Gerard. Charles says he based his character on another of television's crooked cops, Vic Mackey of The Shield. He says of his character, "Gerard is a bit of catalyst. He is there to make things happen."

    • In 1995, Charles sang tenor with the a capella group Cinco in Sydney, Australia.

    • Charles is featured in a number of Xena trading cards, including a special autograph card as the Archangel Michael.

    • Charles was happy to make the move to Los Angeles, but one part of life in the US has been difficult to get used to- driving in the city has been scary for him.

    • When a romance was first scripted for Charles' Street Legal character "Kees" with Katherine Kennard's "Joni", Charles meant to play it in his usual "strong cop" way, but found that when he was actually shooting the scenes with Katherine, his character naturally became much more vulnerable because of the two actors' chemistry.

    • Charles has written a number of scripts for his hit show Street Legal. One of his favorite storylines that he used included athletes using performance enhancing drugs.

    • Charles' last name is pronounced "Meh- zhur- ray".

    • In 2003, Charles won "Best Supporting Actor" for the show Street Legal at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • Charles frequently appears at Xena conventions.

    • Charles' family emigrated to Australia from England when he was five years old.

    • Charles got so much interest from Fox when he arrived in the US, there were two producers fighting to sign him for their new shows. He preferred the Pamela Anderson comedy Stacked, and was extremely pleased when the network picked it up.

    • Charles took a number of acting classes, including ones on how to audition for shows upon coming to the US in order to give himself his best chance for success. He found the audition process in Hollywood vastly different than that of his home country New Zealand.

    • Charles' professional theatre credits include:
      (1999) Les Parents Terribles "Co-lead" Circa Theatre, Dir Cathy Downes
      (1998) Design For Living "Otto" Circa Theatre
      (1998) The John Wayne Principle "Lead" Circa Theatre
      (1998) The Herbal Bed "Rafe Smith" Court Theatre
      (1997) A Passionate Woman Court Theatre

    • Charles has been trained in using the following accents: New York & Midwest U.S.A., German, Norwegian, Dublin, Cockney, Glasgow, Australian, New Zealand, and Yorkshire.

    • Charles enjoys most sports, but in particular rugby, cricket, basketball, and horseback riding.

    • Charles sings tenor and plays the guitar and flute.

    • Charles is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

    • Charles worked with several police detectives with the Auckland Crime Squad for about a month in order to prepare for his role on the show Street Legal.

    • Charles shared a very controversial on-screen kiss with Kevin Smith in the premier episode of his show City Life. The homosexual kiss with one of New Zealand's most popular actors was said to be the cause of the drastic drop in tv watchers of the new show after just the first five minutes of the episode's first airing.

    • In 2003, Charles was nominated for the "Best Actor" category at the "TV Guide Best on the Box" award show for his role of DS Kees Van Damm on Street Legal. He came in sixth place out of a field of seven. In 2010 he was nominated for the same award for his role of Det. Zane Gerard on Outrageous Fortune.

    • Charles guest starred in a number of Xena episodes, but there was another episode with him in the works which was never completed. It was to have taken place in the fifth season of Xena, and he was to have played the warrior king Alexander the Great of Macedon.

    • In 1998 he was nominated for a New Zealand Television Award for Best Actor as Ryan in City Life.

    • Charles is 6' 2" (1.88 m), with brown hair and blue-green eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Charles: (on joining the cast of "Outrageous Fortune" in series 5) I'm doing things I've never really had to do before because of the comedy and idiomatic nature of the writing. It's very bold and very funny but it's also very, very new for any New Zealand work that I've done, so it's great to see.

    • Charles: (on "City Life", his first acting job) Within a couple of months of finishing drama school I was kissing Kevin Smith in the middle of the road!

    • Charles: (on acting in the US) There are a lot of pretty boys and I'm not a pretty boy. When you're here, you can see why someone like Russell Crowe has done so well.

    • Charles: (on his reasons for coming to act in the US) I came here to do a fan convention for Xena: Warrior Princess and I met an agent who got all excited about the work that I'd done in New Zealand and he urged me to come out for pilot season and give it a shot. I figured that I'd had a great run in New Zealand, but I didn't know how much more there would be. In certain quarters, it was suggested that I was getting a bit long in the tooth for New Zealand, anyway, so I thought I'd come here before I get too old to do it.

    • Charles: (on th romance between Van Dam and Joni on "Street Legal" The first date we went on I set out to play him as Kees' usual confident, tough self- you know, devilish charm kind of thing- and then when I got opposite Katherine [Kennard], a vulnerable kind of thing happened, so there's now a whole other side to the character, which is nice.

    • Charles: (on guest starring on "Xena") If you're a big lumpy guy they can give you a rubber sword and turn you into some warrior dude.

    • Charles: (on Jill Hennessy) Jill's totally down to earth. She's always got a joke ready and is fun to hang out with.

    • Charles: (on creating on-screen chemistry with "Crossing Jordan's" Jill Hennessy) I kissed Jill lots; that was fantastic. She's hot!

    • Charles: (on his first year in the US) My first year was tough - I had no working papers so no one would hire me. I lived in a motel and tried to live frugally.

  • Good actor.

    In title.
  • The reluctant hero

    Kyle Hobbes character is one of the best in the series so far. I like the idea of a man who you would want dead or stay away from at all cost; helping save the world.

    As a show you need the character that can make the tough chooses, rather than just using scare tactics. His character adds in my opinion, another dark element to the series and that the Vs are a freighted of these humans, the ones they can't fool are control.

    As long as they don't make him go soft, his character will be one of the favorites to watch.moreless