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    • Charles: Nothing is black and white and everything is part of the process: the only thing we know for certain is that things change.

    • Charles: (on the musical "Urinetown") The deeply thoughtful message of the play concerning abuse of power, corruption and oppression is wrapped in a deliciously anarchic and satirical coating that appeals directly to the sensibilities of just the kind of blossoming minds you find on campuses.

    • Charles: The inspiration for the piece came from the author's travels through Europe on a dime, where he found himself spending an exorbitant percentage of his budget on public toilets...yes, you PAY to pee in many European countries. Ruminating on this punitive tax, he found himself in Romania at a rally for Dictator Ceausescu. The scenes of brutish crowd control and intimidation linked with the prior injustice and... voila... URINETOWN.

    • Charles: (on the musical "Urinetown") Do not be put off by the cheeky title, look beneath the merely scatological and find a truly remarkable and utterly appropriate show that you will enjoy both in the watching AND the playing.

    • Charles: Who is my biggest inspiration? Wow... I really, without wanting to sound "aw gee shucks", I'd have to say my wife who taught a rather uptight Englishman what there is to be got out of life. Susan is my greatest inspiration. She has more integrity than anyone I know and integrity is more important than anything for a happy and successful life.

    • Charles: I have to say that playing Henry Higgins in the Pittsburgh CLO production of "My Fair Lady" was one of the high points of my professional career. It was a pretty awesome challenge from the beginning. I had just one week of rehearsal time; it was my first musical, a character that was hardly ever off stage and the ghost of none less than Rex Harrison to lay! Needless to say I arrived in Pittsburgh experiencing a heady cocktail of emotions ranging from abject terror to heart-stopping excitement.

    • Charles: I am but a poor player strutting and fretting my hour upon the stage like the rest of them. A hired gun. I take no responsibility for the quality of what I cannot control... I wish it were otherwise, but, until I can produce my own stuff, I have little or no say in the matter.