Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman


8/23/1966, Wimbledon, London, UK

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    • Chaley Boorman: When we finished Long Way Round we really wanted to do another trip. So we got the map out. We considered Long Way Up, which would have involved South America – and we might still do that in the future – but what swayed us was the fact that Africa's had a bad rub in image terms, and we wanted to see the reality. I was talking to a South African, telling him how Africa is viewed by many Europeans as being unwelcoming and dangerous. He laughed and said that South Africans hold the same view. But it really isn't like that. Everywhere we've been – through Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia – we've had a terrific reception.

    • Charley Boorman: I've learned to listen more. I was nicknamed "Short-fuse" when I was a kid, so I've learned to be more laid-back and relaxed about things.

    • Charley Boorman: Ewan (McGregor) is the brother I always wanted as a kid.

    • Charley Boorman: Making a movie can be an intense two or three months, and generally you'll only make a friend once out of every 10 times you meet someone on a set. It's even more rare that you might meet someone that turns into a real friend for life.

    • Charley Boorman: I suppose the strength is that I have a real desire to travel and see new people and ride in new places. I love traveling. As for weakness I am a little bit inpatient and feel the need to hurry a lot.

    • Charley Boorman: It's huge, changing the way that countries think about kids, and changing government policy about children and child protection. UNICEF is so passionate about what it's doing that you can't help but get involved. It's heartbreaking meeting children who are just having a really hard life. If we can do just a little bit for them, it's worth it.

    • Charley Boorman: In Russia there are a lot of roadblocks – a legacy from the old Soviet Union. Because you're on bikes like this, and you're wearing all the gear, the police just pull you over to see what you're up to, and have a chat.

    • Charley Boorman: As a father of two, I have learned what children need to be healthy and fulfill their potential. Millions of children around the world are missing out on the very basics we take for granted; education, protection, a childhood. I have seen UNICEF's work for myself, it really does make a difference.

    • Charley Boorman: I think it is something about the open road, something about the, being able to put your helmet on and you're in your own little world maybe. For me it, it's very much about corners and smooth riding round corners as fast as possible is always kind of fun. But it it's everything. I mean the motorbikes you can do everything. You can do off road, you can do on the road, you've got a, if you're lucky you can have a motorbike for every sort of feeling, really.

    • Charley Boorman: I really like to travel. I love it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing this! But I really love travelling with GPS and camping gear and gadgets and stuff when you're doing a trip like this.

  • Charley Boorman is an adventurer and an explorer

    Charley has been on two expeditions down and round the surface of the earth and at the same time always adding his humor to the series.Charley is also an Actor and his best freind and fellow adventurer Ewan Mcgregor.I think that Charley is really funny and he made me cry when watching the long way round.Charley is married and has two daughters.Charley is a great actor and I really enjoy his work.I think that Charley and Ewan make a great team and should do another travel around the world.Ireally enjoyed him in The Serpants Kiss where he met Ewan.

    Overall I LOVE Charley.moreless