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Charley Webb

Charley Webb


2/26/1998, Manchester, Northern England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Charlotte Anna Lomas


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Born in 1988 in Bury, Manchester, England. Charlotte known as Charley appeared on stage in Manchester in a production of Bugsy Malone. Later getting the part of Debbie Jones in Emmedale in October 2002. She has a brother and two sisters also in the business. She gets on…more


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  • Charley plays one of the most realistic teenage girls on uk television.. Debbie Dingle.

    Charley Webb plays Debbie Dingle in ITV’s Emmerdale. From the start she has been the definitive angst ridden teenage girl and has taken the part of Debbie well past the expectations of producers. There is nothing worse than watching some moralistic story line involving ‘young actors’ but each time a script lands at Webb’s feet we are treated to bursts of the most realistic teenage girl on television.

    The character’s life hasn’t been easy, originally intended to last three months and be a basic catalyst character for Paddy and Emily Kirk she has been hit with bombshell after bombshell from the discovery of her real parents, the first kiss.. with a curate, the relationship with farmer Andy Sugden and more recently her secret birth to daughter Sarah. She is a natural at palming the baby off to anyone nearby, enabling as much free time to be spent pining over Andy and fighting with local girls.

    Charley Webb hasn’t had the chance to shine in any other programs yet but hey, it’s ITV so she’ll be singing and dancing on something soon. There is no doubt that she has some special talent and is an actress that we will be seeing for a long time. A large part of me hopes that will be in Emmerdale with so much Debbie Dingle could be in the future.

    Chris MacInnes