Charlie Adler





2/20/1957 , Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

Charles Adler




Charlie Adler has been one of the most sought after voice actors in recent years and he has received several awards for his work throughout his career. While he has been nominated for several Annie awards, which is one of the highest awards available for animated programs, he has also been on many top voice actor lists in many prestigious magazines, such as Animation World News. However, Charlie Adler has done much more than just work on Animated Programs and he has even ventured into directing his own films recently.

Charlie Adler isn’t just a voice actor though, he also is a voice director and that permits him to get many more roles because he is responsible for ensuring the rest of the cast get the voices handled in a proper manner. He recently served as a voice director in the past two Rugrats movies, directing such people as Whoopi Goldberg and David Spade and he has also taken on voice directing work on many other animated programs and films as well. Charlie Adler’s work as both a voice actor and a voice director has permitted him to find jobs much more easily than most other voice actors.

Charlie Adler has also appeared on Broadway and on television; he starred in Torch Song Trilogy and later went on tour with the First National Company, in which landed him another award nomination. He later moved on to television in which he appeared on several short-lived programs, though he found more success in commercials than he did in television series. Still, Charlie Adler’s work on television didn’t just end there; as a writer, Charlie Adler worked on many programs, including Tiny Toon Adventures, which he supplied voices for, and There Used To Be Fireflies, which landed him an award for the level of finesse he put into that series.

Charlie Adler was later invited to the Whitehouse as one of many guests by Barbara Bush in 1991, in which it was to recognize individuals who had made contributions to the First Lady’s literacy programs. However, these accomplishments, while great, are not the reason why Charlie Adler is remembered as well as he is. Charlie Adler has provided many voices for many animated programs and he is often considered when individuals list the top fifty voice actors of our time. Charlie Adler has always loved voice acting and he always had the ambition to pursue his dreams, in which his hard work and dedication has permitted him to being one of the world’s leading voice actors and he is continuing to excel at the position with every role he takes on, though he isn’t afraid to focus on other endeavors and he spends his free time trying to get a degree in naturopathy and contact reflexology, which he believes will help him down the road.